Assad’s dilema

The war in Syria has raged on for more than 6 years now with no clear end in sight.  The media coverage of the event (depending on the source of the information you read) has provided no real reasons for:  a) the cause of the war.  b) efforts to try to bring an end to the conflict.

From most western reporting sources, the reason behind the war has been the build up of forces opposed to Assad’s rule and the atrocities he has committed against his own people.

But upon further investigation, it appears, that there is a far more sinister agenda.

Upon further inspection it would appear that the Assad regime is non-US friendly, which is an automatic nail in its coffin. It appears that America is pushing for regime change to further its self-interest(oil and oil pipelines), so therefore any regime which does not ‘play ball’ goes on the list by definition ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and many more …). It is a well known fact now that the opposition forces have been armed and trained by the USA. What is less apparent is the fact the it (Washington) pretends to be fighting against ISIS (who took the opportunity to infiltrate the opposition forces and are now the main opposition group), who they claim to be the most evil terrorist group on the planet, yet a large proportion of ISIS’s weaponry has come from The US, whether by intention or default.

As this article is spread over a timeline, the latest information (14th April 2017) I add comes after a week in which a town (Khan Sheikhoun) was attacked with a nerve agent, killing 80 people, and the subsequent back and forth accusations by the US, and by the Assad regime.

While the US has been very quick to accuse and condemn the Assad regime for this atrocity, without concrete evidence I might add, Russia has come to the aid of Syria.

Russia has long been Syria’s ally, in order to protect its own gas and oil hegemony over Europe ( this is another conversation for another article), and they have, rightly so in my opinion, have asked for more clarification, more evidence etc.., Assad has also gone on TV to refute the allegations, and also to express what he believes to be America and its allies’ hidden agenda. Most western viewers will see the news generated by one of the media conglomerates from both the US and Europe (read NATO members) (which are all under the same umbrella, both in the UK, and the USA), which, in my opinion, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest, are controlled by governments of both countries. News being reported on many issues is controlled and being propagandized to serve a purpose (you draw your own conclusions as to what theses are).

MIT expert claims latest chemical weapons attack syria was staged  (Those rushing to condemn Syria based on what they have seen and read in ‘mainstream media’ should read this article).

Regime change. Couple this with the US retaliatory air strikes on the depot where they believe the weapons were stored (get rid of any evidence before it can be examined), and the whole issue is going to be up in the air for some time to come, giving the US more time to build up to its ‘Saddam play’ Why not bring George back for one final hurrah, and let him oversee the whole thing once again?


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