BSc in plagiarism

Degrees obtained via technology.

In most countries getting a university education is more important than ever. The importance of having one is underlined by the fact that 90% of jobs which have a path, or some type of progression need the applicant to be the holder of a degree.
But are the courses which are available, real preparation and theory to do a job, or just a piece of paper which tells the employer that the applicant has spent 4 years studying? and are the things being studied, actually being studied, or are students just gathering information and placing it in reports to present?

Graduation by Google.
I recently saw a poster (left) which seems to sum up the relevance of getting a major these days.

Once upon a time, when students were asked to put together projects, assignments, or the many things they are called. It involved trips to libraries, reading newspapers, recalling things from school days, and hours, and hours of writing and correcting, reviewing, changing, working with classmates, to deliver each assignment. Today’s students are now in the enviable position of not having to do most of the above to produce their work. As the poster above reflects the whole basis of modern study, it takes me onto another aspect.


Plagiarism. This has been about since the days when creativity began to be recognized. Since information was started to be gathered and saved to be passed on, and reused. Music, writing, art, have all had their problems with people plagiarizing the work or ideas of others. This is when the laws of copyright, patent laws, and other were created to protect the creators of work.


In the world of study this idea seems to have been bypassed and, it seems, although the topic of plagiarism is taken quite seriously by universities, the methods of gathering and displaying/presenting assignments seems to have become easier and easier.



In conclusion, people have copied the work of others for as long as we can remember, but with Google, Wikipedia, online libraries, and copy and paste, combined with the technology it resides on, has made the 4 years of university ‘study’ less daunting.


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