Life without a cellphone. Why?

Life without a cellphone. Why?

The cellphone, mobile, or whatever you call it; the saviour of mankind or the scourge? Whatever your view, the cellphone is here to stay. From the 1st time voice waves were sent over wires to an astonished recipient at the other end, the pace at which the humble telephone has changed has been astounding.

The cellphone of today is a modern miracle. Camera, calculator, computer, web browser, music player, and a host of other funtions are available on these wonders of modern technology. The plus points of owning a phone are numerous. Calls, texts, e-mail, video, voice recorder, selfie taker, online banking system, word processor, presentation device, game machine. I am exhausted just thinking of this list, and i have only listed a few of the possible things available.

Wow! I hear you say.

That’s all I need. What else would I need. I can do everything with this. That, my friend is where you are wrong. There are many things which a cellphone cannot do which are more vital than communication or entertainment. It cannot give you advice and solutions to your relationship problems or help when you need to reprimand a worker who has stepped over the line, or even give flowers to your mother on her birthday and see her face light up in response. You cannot spend an evening with friends discussing anything from politics to drugs, to crime to jobs, and come away with a feeling of being heard, of being among like-minded or opposing-minded people ( yes there are forums, but these places are where anonymity is key).

social skills in action!
social skills in action!

Anger, compassion , thoughtfulness, disdain, compassion, are attributes which a cellphone will never have. Emoticons!!! I hear you retort, “what about them?”Well, I watched cartoons and animations, collected cards, and painted characters as a kid. But not once did I think that I could spend my time communicating with them, even in my tender years.

They cannot replace the human interaction no matter how sophisticated they become. Communication is the transfer of information, ideas, thoughts, values. The skill of communication also develops another important skill. Social interaction. We learn this by being around people everyday, by talking, by listening, by understanding moods, responses, tones of voice, emotions in one’s voice.

The dreaded 'selfie'
The dreaded ‘selfie’

We¬†develop a perception of how to behave from social skills. The cell phone is fast causing these skills to disappear. Hiding behind a screen, people can be anything they want, as it provides the confidence they need, and at the same time a shield of protection. How often do we see a group of people together who are communication with others, and not with each other. The alternative scenario is of the group communication of the ‘selfie’ (why do I need a thousand photos of myself with no background?) It is now an everyday fact of life. In conclusion, as amazing as the cellphone is, there are certain things it will never be able to replace. The skills related to physical interaction still need to be learnt.


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