China’s ambitions.

China has emerged over the past 2 decades as the leader in world business, spending, expansion, initiatives, and investment.

The economy has exploded and brought the country into the limelight as one of the main player's in the world's economy.  With this there have been many negative impacts to go with the positives.


The I.T. industry has become one of the world's major players with the likes of Wuawei  and WeChat to name a few, which are now internationally recognised.

China has over a billion people on the internet. However, their internet is closed to foreigners to a degree. Why is this?

China is the country with the most students studying abroad in Western countries, mainly Australia, and The USA.  Does this have meaning? Some say that it is for the 'main' purpose of 'grabbing' technology, which the country has long been accused of. 'Why spend millions developing it when you can let someone else do the tedious part, then come in a take the product.

Another reason is to get 'cosy' to western countries and persuade them to install Chinese products in their networks (the main one being the government networks).






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