CNN Crying(on)National Network

One of the most prominent news networks around the globe is CNN, which has grown from a US based company, to a global player. A large proportion of their reporting is devoted to conflicts, politics, human interest stories, and recognizing the exploits of certain members of society.

However, with this comes the fixation on an attribute of unworthiness. American culture, as most people know relies on emotion in the media.

The idea is that we must learn something from everything we say, do, or watch, and we must display our new found lessons with demonstrations of unbridled passion. The idea that we must parade our private lives and inner feelings to millions of complete strangers, as a way of making us feel ‘whole’ again, and that somehow without going through this emotional treadmill, we cannot emerge from the other side ‘mentally cleansed’

Answer. Yes we can. We do not need to go on national TV and wash our dirty linen in public, and, for the sake of TV ratings, bring the obligatory ‘tears’ to our tirade. I watched a former FBI counter terrorism agent who had for many years seen some of the worst atrocities in war torn areas, and in his homeland.
He had witnessed some of the worst brutality over many years, yet was reduced to (‘crocodile’) tears on national TV, when discussing a school shooting (not uncommon in the ‘good ol’ USA),so as to get his message across.
Watch the Video below.

Next we wheel out the ‘infamous’ Anderson Cooper (or should we be calling him St Anderson?), who in his one man crusade to show the world the worst natural and man-made disasters, designates himself to be the moral captain of the causes created, to ‘rescue and 
rehabilitate’ those poor unfortunate souls caught up in the misery, all while reporting with a box of tissues to boost compassion(read:ratings followed by donations) from viewers
The sad truth is that nowadays fact and reporting are not enough to ‘entertain/inform’ the public. Dramatize everything to tear at the heart strings, whether needed or not, to get the message across. This is now the order of the day.
Fake News has grabbed the headlines over the last few years. What about ‘Fake Tears’ which have existed for much longer?


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