Crazy little thing called religion!

Crazy little thing called religion!!!

I wrote a blog on religion a few years ago. In this blog I pointed out my personal views regarding this controversial and often thought provoking topic.

As a member of a religious family(mainly on the female side. When I was a kid, it was very noticeable that religion afflicted the female part of the Caribbean society far more than the male side) church was an integral part of my childhood.  Fast forward to this week. Among the plethora of coverage on the Corona virus, and the murder of yet another black man by Police in The USA, was a hidden article about India.

A country I have visited on several occasions, and where I had some of the best and worst experiences  of my life. The piece that caught my eye was an article in which the writer used black and white visuals to examine the taboo of female periods in India.  Long seen as a social and religious taboo, the focus was on what millions of women know is a natural part of the female ovulation process. The article points out examples such as girls knowing nothing about this until it begins, which produces fear and often shame, due to the fact that they are told nothing about it until it happens.

The girls/young women then often go into an understandable panic, as they believe that they are sick or even dying. It is then explained to them what is happening, because, my guess is that, at that point it cannot be hidden any longer. This (the menstruation)is seen as a religious taboo, and the female in question is barred from attending certain activities, and religious festivals, and in some cases, even handling food. The religion dictates that they are unclean in the eyes of their gods. I was once also told about a similar belief in another Asian country, where the religion dictates that the girls/women having
menstruation are not supposed to wear napkins, as this prevents the natural process from happening. They have to go through this process, then wash clothes, bedding, and anything which came into contact with the blood during this time. Not wearing a tampon can also preserve ones virginity. In several of these countries insert able tampons are not even available, as they as viewed as phallus in nature, which is the same as a penis being inserted into the vagina,  thus break virginity. Crazy. Religion?????

The WHO (World Health Organisation) and many other organisations worldwide have published factual, medical information about this natural event, but it seems that to be ignored by certain sectors of the religious community.
Another reason why religion is not going to be the saviour of mankind.



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