Don’t lie to me

Why is it that this line is constantly in movies from the US, but they are some of the worst offenders on the planet! Do they think that this line instills any sense of honesty into their audiences?

The line is “DON’T LIE TO ME!!”   (No doubt you may have heard and seen this once or twice).

This is something I have heard for many years on chat shows, in movies, in cop series(mostly), and I get the “we don’t want to teach our kids or youth to lie” angle, but hey!!! Lies are all around us.

Tooth fairy
Tooth fairy

The husband or wife having an affair, ( then explaining it with the line “It didn’t mean anything” – YES IT DID!!!). The congressman embezzling millions of dollars (I didn’t lie about any of it).

The police officers falsifying evidence or planting itThese just scratch the surface of ‘the lie’ which is life.

Fact: Your children will lie to you to save their ‘asses'( your terminology not mine), and no amount of moral guidance or good education etc…, is going to change that.

Politics is built on lies. 

Only someone from outer space would not know this.

One of the thousands of articles out there on the internet which have researched the topic of lying.

Telling Lies

Jokes like ” How can you tell when a politician is lying?” – ” His/her lips are moving” are born from this indisputable fact.

What no WMD's???
What no WMD’s???

Going to war based on a lie(enough said!) are a few of the reasons why I get so fed up of constantly hearing this line spouted.

Even the recently appointed president ‘blatantly’ lies in front of the nation but nothing is ever mentioned ( he is our ‘commander in chief’ he can do anything he likes). So stop inflicting this on the rest of the world.

We do not live in a Utopian society, so stop trying to pretend that we do.


But we also have ‘good lies’ which apparently absolve us from any moral indignation which might befall us. The parents “I only lied to protect you” (read ‘countless movies and dramas), and the “we have all the evidence we need”( when no evidence has been obtained). Or even the “you are no good, and a quitter”(is that supposed to be abuse or inspiration???)

(apparently used to inspire).

All of these things and the countless other examples of the fact that ‘lying’ is part and parcel of everyday life, so let’s not try to kid ourselves that it is anything other than that.


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