Europe on the cusp.

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As the current European migrant situation sees no signs of abating anytime soon, many people in European countries are beginning to focus on nationalism.The rights of the common nation in many European countries are being eroded in favour of those who are arriving on their shores seeking asylum.

Britain is one of the countries which at the top of many asylum seeker’s list due to the many benefits on offer to newly arrived migrants, and the relaxed, as many people see them, laws on immigration.Migrants began arriving en masse in Britain in the 1950’s driven by the country’s need for workers. Most people who arrived settled into their new lives and communities with little or no problems. Fast forward 60 years, and war ravaged, corrupt, dysfunctional, and lawless countries are being vacated in favour of a “better life” in Europe. But to many nationals this “better life” translates as a financially comfortable life. A life where they arrive with little or nothing, and are given “everything” There have been many stories in the media of asylum seekers being given complete financial assistance, which has resulted in them having a much better standard of living than many nationals. This, without the need to seek out or do any kind of work..

The German government has recently greeted 800,000+ asylum seekers from Syria, but the growing resentment of the locals, has fueled a massive backlash. The rise of nationalism in Germany and in Austria where the far-right party has made inroads into the government. This trend is probably set to continue unless the respective governments who have the controlling interests in the EU ‘pull their fingers out’ and start listening to the people of their respective nations, who feel that the rights of the long standing citizens are being overlooked in favour of ‘the few new arrivals’.


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