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Eye Candy The necessity of “Eye Candy” has never ceased to amaze me. The presence of sexy girls to sell products, and to attract males to events, goes back a long way. From the early days of cinema to the fifties, when ‘men were men’ and women were for for display purposes and to be admired, lusted after etc..,

I love to see beautiful women, like millions of other men  around the world. Women have always been seen as the essence of beauty, from the catwalk to the photoshop, from the bikini to the fashion industry. Women have been portrayed this way for thousands of years.

Which begs the question; why in this day and age of equality, intelligence, modern thinking and womens’ rights, do we still need the presence of ‘eye candy’? Sports is one area where this is part and parcel of the package. It has even made its way into darts, and snooker, which have always been viewed as traditional pub games, and pubs being male domains.

In America (where this phenomenon originated), this has always been the norm. Cheerleaders in college and at football and baseball games.I am of the opinion that men need to maintain this state in order to express their ‘manliness’ and maintain some outmoded idea that they must have sexy girls around to feel ‘manly’. There is also a steady supply of girls willing to put themselves through this ‘ordeal’ Their purpose is quite different to men’s, in the fact that they want to get noticed and go on to better things (modelling, acting, etc…,).My question is ‘ why are they there’? Is it to try to ‘beautify’ or ‘sex up’ sport which is about competition? Or is it to satisfy the age old need for men to be visually gratified?

As a motorbike and scuba-diving enthusiast, I have been to countless shows over the years, in different locations, but what has always been something which I have always
found completely unnecessary, has been the presence of these girls draped all over the motorbikes I am trying to look at, or walking around dressed in the scuba equipment
I am trying to appraise. There has never been any element of sexuality about these situations, rather more an element of annoyance that my time is being wasted.
But unfortunately, the adage ‘sex sells’ has now got to the point where we cannot sell anything on its own merits. Everything has to be sold using sex.

This tells me that as a civilisation, we have have not really advanced for many 000’s of years.



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