Female rape. Definition?

What is female rape? From what I gather it is the deliberate act of a woman forcing herself upon a man against his wishes. (‘No means no’ he said).

Now I might be from another generation, but do men resist when women demand sex? I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many countries, and one of the most overwhelming aspects of many of the places I have visited is the hordes of parading women on the prowl for men who are looking for sex. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. Man has always had the need to satisfy his carnal urges, and women have always provided this service. This blog is not about the morals of the profession or the customers, but about the fact that men can be raped. Going back to the issue of prostitution, men would rather not have to part with their cash for sexual gratification, and if the situation arose where a woman ‘forced herself’ on him and was not looking for payment, I believe that the majority of men would have no issue with this. This main issue would be of her attractiveness, and the subsequent embarrassment the guy might feel if the encounter got out.

Moving on to the home front. How many times have we (as men) joked about the ‘beer googles’,the ’20 Stella goddess’, the ‘knaw your arm off in the morning’ syndromes? While all said in jest, it defines the fact that men do not generally need persuasion or force to have sex with a woman, even when that woman is less attractive than usual (20 stella goddess). Every weekend in towns and cities all over the country, young men go out drinking, with the intention of getting some sex at some point during the night.

Drunk men are not usually attractive unless the woman is also drunk.  So many men get into a state of inebriation where they do not care if the woman is attractive or not. This results in the ‘less than attractive women’ searching out said men with the sole purpose of having sex, knowing that the guy will not object to it.  Before I get various groups (if this blog reaches that far) and other rights advocates screaming at me for joking about such a sensitive subject, let me point out 1 thing. I can give my opinions freely, and do not subscribe to the ‘I am offended by everyone who opens their mouth’ brigade. Opinions are exactly that. “This is what I think”  regardless of whether you agree or disagree with me.

This is probably a touchy subject for all those who have been affected by this, but female rape victims, from my experience, usually wake up with a hangover, or a smile on their faces because they finally got ‘laid’. Whether this is followed by any kind of embarrassment over the encounter or if that goes with the territory is decided by the ‘victim’

There is, on the other hand, the issue of male on male rape which is quite serious ,but this article is only commenting on female to male scenarios, which in some circumstances I can imagine to be traumatic, but this article is commenting on the majority of instances.


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