Going nowhere fast

The young.- wealth – fame- body- sexiness- self focus- lack of attention- want it all now.- superheroes Vampires/zombies- posing- selfies- VIP connections- cyber everything

In an ever changing world, each successive young generation seems to be, in my humble opinion, being moulded into possessing ever-decreasing attention spans. By this I am referring to the fact that there appears to be more and more of everything being thrust upon the youth, and there also seems to be a need to have all fingers in all pies.

My first point is that the speed at which things become popular and them cease to be so is alarmingly short.

Trends seem to last for minutes instead of hours (in the grand scheme of things). The most noticeable thing for me is the cult of the cellphone, which people have to change frequently for the ‘latest functions and look’. Coupled with the fact that people get bored very quickly, and just want ‘change’ for change’s sake. The second point I would like to make is the rise of the internet.

This magnificent creation is responsible for what has become known as ‘information overload’ but the downside to this is that it has created a loss of focus. Not that I am saying that the internet is solely responsible. TV, Radio, advertising, is pulling them from all sides, and it is this distraction which has created the ‘amoeba span’, as I call it.

The final point of my initial observations is that the focus of importance has changed. Important things such as hard work, values, honesty, and personality, and money of course, has changed to ; money, body, sexy, selfie, and flaunting said things. TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, America’s Next Top Model, Etc, (the list is endless) have completely reworked the focus of what people chase/desire these days.

Fame, or a connection to fame is fervently sought. People want fame, regardless of what they have to do to achieve it. With fame comes money, status, power, and attraction. It is very easy for me to say that it was better in my day, but that is not my point.

My suggestion is that society shapes the young. That will always be so, but the tools being used to shape the youth of today, are ‘in your face’ no pretense methods, that teach one thing only. Everything now. ‘You are the centre of the universe’


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