Horror morons

The room mate
The Room mate

Horror movies is the topic of this blog in case it is not clear. The ‘morons’ appending it, is a commentary on the actions of the people who are portrayed in said movies. Let me first say that I am not at all a fan of these movies, but my wife is. This means that I have the misfortune of having to watch them more often. I have watched some very good horror movies over the years, but these are few and far between.  Anyway, let me relate my views on the phenomena which are ‘the horror morons’


I am, as I write this blog, watching a movie named ‘My Room Mate’ which is about a newly arrived college girl who is befriended by, and becomes roommates with another girl, who turns out to be slightly deranged. The long and short of it is that the ‘deranged one’ gets rid of anyone and anything which threatens their friendship, but all of the usual things which people would never do, seem to happen in the movie.

People walk into darkened rooms (for some reason either the lights do not work, or they ‘forget’ to switch on the

She's behind the door!!
She’s behind the door!!

lights) and speak to someone they think is in the room, only to be decapitated by the psycho. Bravado, machismo, or stupid behaviour seem to replace common sense.

Cat went missing (put into the clothes dryer). Professor removed (was threatened with being accused of rape, so he left town). Ex-boyfriend killed (he did not recognize that his ex-girlfriend was someone else!!).  Other female friend attacked and threatened.  Lesbian friend seduced by the deranged one, then disappears.

No one ever calls the cops. No one ever tells anyone what is happening.  Then was we reach the predictable climax, in which the deranged one has the target of their obsession hostage, and for some unknown reason (or maybe just to prolong the film maybe) the killer confesses all before they are killed (at the last second by someone who worked out everything that was going on, found out where they were, when there, sneaked in, and kill the  bipolar one) before the crazy one kills her nemesis.

Room mates
Room mates

Plots!!!. Do these ‘so called’ script writers think that all of their potential audiences are ‘brain dead’ (there is ongoing debate about this)?

Plausible, I have no problem with, but ridiculous, I can’t run with. Is it not possible for us to watch horror movies( this request is not for me, but for my wife) where we don’t keep saying “why did he/she do that?”, “how did they appear in full view all of a sudden when the doors are all locked”, “stop making a speech, and kill

No sense
No sense

I am sure the horror movie will be with us for the foreseeable future, but please guys, make them more watchable.


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