Independence Day (Again!!!)

Independence Day ResurgenceIndependence Day (Again!!)

Coming to your screens soon. The unforgettable story of the alien invasion of earth which is thwarted once again.

But what a minute. Haven’t we been there before? time and time again?

This time we have a repeat of Independence Day, in which Will Smith, our wise-cracking Colonel in the Air Force, partners up with Bill Paxton as POTUS (as he is so widely known as now. Now wonder people are slowly turning into dummies), to save the world. AGAIN.

I have not seen the movie yet, but I have seen the trailers, so I don’t really need to watch the movie because the script, story-line, and outcome are already there.

We have a plot which involves aliens attacking after an absence of so many years, and the threats of destruction, follow by the attempt at dialogue, followed by the aliens destroying something or killing several thousand people (a conservative guess), ┬ábefore the “speeches” about “protecting America” ” Protecting our freedom” (what freedom are you talking about exactly?”)Fighting

I have an idea which maybe we could put to the American people and see if they will run with it.

How about, the rest of us, find a planet where Americans can live, send them there, and see how the rest of the world survives without them? This I think would be the best solution to the problem of alien invasion, as the aliens always only seem to invade the US. They don’t seem to be interested in invading the rest of the planet. This way we not only will have a safer planet, but we will no longer have to endure such awful ‘chest-beating’ movies anymore.

It also makes me wonder how a ‘life form or forms’ can travel thousands of light years or more, in ships which would be beyond anything that we could even comprehend, and has probably studied us for many many years, yet we send a few jet fighter and bombs to destroy them! while shouting “you ain’t from round here, are you boy?” I don’t think so, do you?

gunslingersThis also goes back to scenario of Americans being unable to understand the concept of ‘not fighting everyone’ Unfortunately, the legacy from the ‘Wild West’, The civil War, the military itself, countless insurgencies into other countries, plus more, is so deeply ingrained in their psyche, that is too late to get them to see logic in any shape or form.

You might think from my comments that I am an ‘anti-cinema’ person. No I am not. I just don’t like to have my intelligence insulted by a movie. There are many good movies out there which feature science-fiction and aliens, which are thoroughly entertaining, but this movie is just America’s way of telling the world “we are the boss, and if you mess with us, we will waste you” AGAIN!!!

Enough said…


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