More is not better.

Medal TableAs we reach another closing ceremony for the latest ‘Greatest show on Earth’ ,the Olympics have provided some remarkable sporting achievements by athletes from all over the world. Records have been broken, new sports have been introduced, negatively, there have also been scandals relating to doping, and problems beset some of the the venues.

Throughout all of this, one thing remained constant. American on top of the pile. The USA has long been at the top of Olympic sports for many reasons.Firstly, there is massive support for people who want to excel in sports, both academically, and financially. Scholarships, sponsorship, training breaks from jobs. These are some of the regular offerings available to sportsmen in America. Sportsmen and women in America have the potential to go on to become superstars and amass fortunes at the same time.This platform has given them an edge over other countries, who, in many aspects, do not even come close. In the UK, many athletes still have full time jobs, have to buy all their own equipment, and fund their travel and training schedules. If you place the 2 side by side, then it is apparent that the athlete from the US will out perform his/her British counterpart. Obviously, natural talent plays a big part, but in this instance I am talking about 2 athletes of the same ability. The American athlete can virtually spend all of their Team Americatime training, and can afford better trainers, facilities, and ingest the best food and supplements available. But if you look at the statistics of the 2 countries with regard to Olympic achievements, then America, with its population of 319 million, 61.4 million, which works out at roughly 5 times the population, does not perform as well as it should.So with all its brashness, and borderline arrogance, yes, The USA does have the biggest medal haul, for a country 5 times the size of Great Britain, by rights, should have had at least double the number of medals it accumulated. So let’s take our hats off and drink a toast to the smaller nations who have proved that bigger is not necessarily better.

British performance centre

Australia, whose population is around 24 million came inside the 10 ten. The next Olympics is just 4 years away, and already athletes are eyeing the ultimate prizes. But when you once again see who are on top of the pile, don’t be surprised but at the same time don’t be too down. Small nations like mine are just as good as the big boys.


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