Musical Gods


I think that i can safely say the most people like music. Whatever form it comes in, people like or even love music.
Music is: a motivator, a passion, a a career, a hobby. The list can go on and on.
Music is about people, because primarily, people create music.

Since the year dot, people have used music to entertain either themselves, or others,
and with this the people who create the music, have always been celebrated.

Think of all the millions of artists who have been celebrated because of their musical ability. To me, this has always been in proportion to the bigger picture. To be exact,
musical celebrities were a part of all of our lives and were given attention when the situation arose.

Fast forward to recent times. Music is now creating the gods of tomorrow. The importance now placed on people who create music,(or who don’t create it, depending on your viewpoint) is beyond belief. These people (some of whom I will name shortly), are in positions once only bestowed on heads of state, royalty, or religious leaders.
These people have corporations, who sell everything. The music they produce is still integral, but the offshoots, such as clothing, perfume, images, games, toys, merchandising, etc…, have gained these people the focus of, in some cases, most of the planet.

Beyonce, Madonna, Justin Beiber, U2, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, to name but a few, are all almost immortalized in the world. Not only in the music world, but in many other areas.

One thing which, in my opinion, has been responsible for this, is the leap from music to acting. A long list of musical superstars have crossed over(many not successfully) into mainsteam movies.

Beyonce, Madonna, David Bowie, Fifty Cents( the less said the better), are examples of musical geniuses ( not my view, but the view of many).

But do we actually admire people for their talents, or for the perception which is now thrust upon us. That perception is that these people are some how multi-talented, and anything they do will turn to gold. This, sadly, is not the case. Most are good at certain things, and at best, mediocre in other things.


Part-time blogger with many views that need an outlet.