NATO/UN Allies. What allies?

Enough said!
Enough said!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, or ‘NATO’ as it is also known, is an agreement between a group of countries regarding their common goals towards ‘defence’ of their combined nations against attack, primarily from Russia (The former Soviet Union).

The problem with this is that the acronym is misleading. It should read as the ‘North American Treaty Organisation’ due to the fact that it revolves 100% around North America. Namely The USA. Harking back to the title of the article, all the resolutions which the organisation make do not see the light of day unless the American reps agree to them. Hardly a democracy. Hardly a treaty.

Donald Trump recently said that NATO was a waste of time among other condemnations he uttered.

Below is a list of words which could describe most countries relationship with the US:

Whipping boys
Yes men

I am sure you could add more descriptive words to the list.

The alliance between the US and others is nothing more than ‘back up’ with America going it alone in most cases, and asking for the world’s blessing, to not ‘appear to be’ acting like the proverbial gunslinger coming in to ‘clean up the town’.
This is also backed up with another major currency. The currency of ‘The Dollar’ By throwing millions, or even billions of dollars at a select bunch of nations (often those with natural resources) they play the ‘curry favour’ card, but the stark reality is that they incentivise these countries to become dependant on their aid in order to control their positions and voting power within organisations like the UN.
An ‘either you are with us or against us’ mentality.

Destabilizing, or throwing money and dependency at other countries in return for allegiance.

Nato countries
Nato countries

Examples which bear this label are:

Massive aid – (bribery)
Trade agreements which strip natural resources (pilage)
Military bases everywhere (strength)
Threats of ‘isolation’ (strong arm)
You are not ‘democratic’ (Follow our system)
Countries who stop using US Dollar (Libya, Iraq)
The land of the ‘free'(like no other country has this)

Russia still ‘bad guys’ us good guys( A stooge used to show OUR greatness)

These are some ways in which the UN, for all intents and purposes, has been relegated to a ‘plaything’ of the US.

The lastest incident was a recently, after Donald Trump (he of such amazing intellect and eloquence) announced America’s recongition of Jerusalem as the defacto capital of Israel( Tel Aviv is the internationally recognized capital) and that they would move their embassy there.

Bullying Generals
Bullying Generals

This brought international reaction which culminated in a vote to formally, veto this idea. Before the vote, Trump made several statememts regarding the fact that the US is by far the largest contributor to the UN, provides billions in aid to countries, only for these countries to go against them. Nikki Hailey, the UN Ambassador took to the stage at the General Assembly before the vote, to ‘warn’ countries that “we will be taking the names of the countries who vote against us”

BULLYING- is the simple definition of this tactic. Give us want we want, when we want it, or you will be in trouble.

The fallout from these actions will become apparent over the course of time, but one thing is for sure.

Both NATO and the UN, need To be rid of ‘The Land of The Free’, and stop claiming to be the protectors of the world’s nations, when they clearly are not, and stop trying to maintain some semblence of credibility, when they have none.

In conclusion, the reality of both NATO and the UN is that they both are neither democratic, nor servants of world peace. They have been manipulated out of shape by we know who!!


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