One-sided justice


I am currently watching the news regarding the Dallas Police shootings. (Dallas Shootings)  The commentary has been focusing on the shooting of the officers which it rightly should be. The news commentary has also strenuously stressed that “we should not, as a nation, tolerate the cowardly shooting of policemen”

These same policemen (I am talking about the police force in general) were there on the scene of a protest which was caused by the actions of their own officers (the shootings of 2 black males for no reason). Yet, I have not heard any news commentary stating ‘we should not, as a nation tolerate the shooting of innocent black males’ Why is this, you wonder?, or maybe you don’t wonder, because you already know the answer.

As I write this article, the authorities have claimed that they have 2 suspects in custody. Really!! That was quick!!

They use the words ‘custody’ and ‘suspects’ This language completely contradicts the language used when a Police Officer has shot and killed a black man for no reason (the word ‘assassinate’ isDallas2 more appropriate), which is: ‘the Police Officer is on administrative leave’ (paid of course).  Then the time it takes to bring the policemen into custody can vary from 6 months, to never.

The lip service which the media, and the government pay to the nation on these occassions is pathetic. They salute the officers who ‘were just doing their jobs’ but they NEVER mention or salute the victims of police shootings who ‘were just going about their daily lives’

I personally believe that the Police have been given some sort of authority from above (be that government, The NRA, the Rothchilds, or other groups that secretly run the nation) to ‘police’ as they see fit. They are being protected from above. How can so many incidents of ‘murder’ by policemen, and it is by definition, murder, go unpunished. Although I don’t live, and have never lived in The USA, facts are facts. All of these incidents have been caught on camera, and the large majority of the events, have resulted in little or no action against the police officers involved.

Unfortunately, America is racially divided, and as far as I can see, there is no sign of change any time soon. These incidents just fan the flames.

Dallas3If you add to the mix (not really related to this article but it is linked) the fact that ‘open carry’ is permitted in Texas. (Open carry is the policy of allowing gun owners, with permits, to carry their weapons in full view of the public). There was a report, which was later confirmed, that one of the ‘people of interest’ the police were looking for was openly carry a rifle among the demonstrators. My question: why? This law needs to be changed. If someone is walking down the street with an assault rifle in his arms, he would appear to be intent on shooting someone (whatever his real intentions. It is the appearance). This man who was carrying a rifle endangers the situation further by carry said rifle in public.  This law also makes life even more difficult for the few ‘honest’ policemen, who have to draw their weapons and shot in situations where their lives, or lives of the public are under threat. Who thought of this law in the 1st place? It makes no sense whatsoever.

In conclusion, I believe that one sided justice will continue as long as the police are not held accountable, jailed, and made examples of. The police look after their own, even to the point of protecting each other when they ‘step over the line’ Even though I strongly disagree with the shootings of the Police Officers, there are people out there who will take the law into their own hands when they see flagrant breaches of the law everyday, by Police Officers, and those same officers are not held to account.


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