Reincarnation of Jesus or plain old perverts?

WorshipI am currently watching an episode of Crime Investigation on the TV.

The episode is about a church cult into which a woman was introduced, and slowly brainwashed. This was just one program in a series of programs which investigate various cults around the world. The same underlying theme always seems to be at the core of these programs.

The person at the head of the organisation is nearly always a man, and after lots of inspiration, guidance, and philosophizing, the sole purpose seems for him to recruit women to have has sex with whenever he desires, without any sort of recourse or complaints from the women.

The process appears to be that, young, often timid, shy, easily influenced women, are ‘seduced’ by the promise of ‘a saviour’ who will guide them ‘in God’s ways’ while ensuring that they pledge complete obedience to the leader and the ‘church’ in return.

There are hundreds of these cults around which have the same theme at their core. Sex!!Leader

Yearning for Zion Ranch 

Apostolic United Brethren

Family International


Above is a short list from hundreds of such organisations which have a self-styled ‘son of god’ as their leader. These men are more often than not the founders of the cult, and they design and interpret the rules which its followers must adhere to. These rules, and also his authority, cannot be challenged or questioned, thus allowing him to have complete control over his ‘flock’ So is this just simply a form of sexual freedom and choice for these men, without the need to commit to any type of relationships?

Leader of a cultThe women in these cases are often referred to as ‘weak’ ‘fragile’ ‘susceptible’ among other things, but most of them trusted the person and looked to them for spiritual guidance and healing. But these men prey on these vulnerabilities, and ‘control’ them to the point of enslavement. In the end they just become ‘sex tools’ for one or sometimes several men.

So, my question is: why don’t these men just come clean and say “I am forming a church and need women, preferably young and pretty, to live with me, and have sex with me. By the way, i will have sex with as many of you women as I like, without any emotional attachment” At least that would be more honest. This leads back to the original question.. Enlightened, or just plain perverts? For me, there is only one answer.


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