The world according to AmericaFor those of you who are unsure about the meaning of this expression click on the following link,

People are often described as being self-centered, but this term is often used to describe a nation. Take a look at the following expressions:
God bless America.

Only in America.

The American dream.

American Idol.

The American people.

An American success story.

We the American people….
Maybe my impression is different from yours, but one could be forgiven for thinking that there are no other nations of any significance, apart from the good old US
of A, in their eyes.

Every country is proud of its people, its history, its achievements, its laws and democracy, to name but a few. But whenever there is an American talking about these things, they always have to precede each utterance with the word ‘America/n’. I often have the feeling they Americans don’t think that their values actually exist in other countries, hence the preceding tag. Americans often ask themselves this question: Why do other countries want to attack us (only certain nations), and our way of life? The simple answer is that they isolate themselves from every other nation by:

Their condescending nature, ( they often describe countries as quaint, because they have very little knowledge about them) their arrogance (we are the best, and will kick your butt if you say otherwise).

Their bullying tactics, their use of force, (multiple invasions intended to install governments of their choice),their lack of knowledge about anything outside of their borders (Europe has many states!!! Go figure!). Couple this with the superiority factor, (we are the greatest nation on earth, so we really don’t need to know about other counties), their language (most countries use the word ‘foreigners’ whereas they use the term ‘alien’ which personally I think is derogatory).Their movies (which glorify violence, yet they insist that they are a peaceful nation). This list goes on….
George. W. Bush once said that America is going to “spread democracy around the world” As I mentioned in another of my blogs, democracy is formed and exercised by the citizens and governments of each nation. No one nation has the right to tell another nation how to govern itself, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the way that particular country is
being run. Democracy was brought to Iraq by a war which was groundless, and killed millions of people, only for that same country to be in a worse state several years after the war which was waged to ‘save them from a cruel dictator’ and bring democracy to the people( we know it was about oil, but the American public love speeches by ‘The Commander -in-Chief’ about so called integrity).

For decades America has waged war around the world for the sole purposes of controlling resources, and controlling governments.They now have a possible future president who wants to build a wall to separate a class of people, and expel a whose class of people because of their religion.

The saying should be changed from ‘God bless America’ to God help America!!


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