She’s a model.

She’s a model.

Another story in the news about a young woman.She always seems to be a model, or part-time model. She is reasonably attractive If not the traditional model(tall, skinny), then a lingerie or swimwear model, but the kind of girl you would notice if you were walking along the street.The hook to get the reader’s attention. Why is it necessary to inform us that this girl happens to do part time modelling as well as her ‘day job’. Is this to tell me that I, as a man,
must find her desirable, and as a woman, must aspire to be like her? We don’t care if she is a model. Millions of much
prettier girls are not models. Another chapter on the pathway to all of society basing everything on ‘the look’, ‘the
sex appeal’ Or do we have to ask ourselves.

Are we so dumb as a species that we must be presented with everything labelled so as to make up our minds as how to respond? So if they tell us that she is a model, then our “she is really sexy/pretty..” mindset kicks in. As we can’t,
as it seems, think for ourselves any longer, and must be ‘fed’ our opinions. Another of these aspects is the ‘beauty pageant’. Why are we told that these women are models, and are so desirable that if we do not fall at their feet and worship them, then there is something wrong with us?

Reality check: these women may be mildly attractive. No more so than a woman we may see in a shopping mall most days. However, numerous visits to spas, make up artists, hairdressers, and a wardrobe from some of the most sort after designers being at their disposal, means that they are not beautiful, they are manufactured. These people never set foot outside their doors without intense preparation. Maybe it is because they know they are not the essence of desire, but the girl next door, once the layers have been removed. A lot of the blame rests firmly with the male species. We compete for female attention and want to show off our prize to other adoring males. “My girl is a model” as if this word is an automatic passport to beauty and adoration. She probably, as is most cases, did some cigarette promotions, or exhibitions, as eye candy'(see this blog)


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