The gossiping candidate.

TrumpAnother look at the American election ‘circus’ Where we have 2 candidates who are polarizing the country for completely different reasons. Before I continue, I would like to stress that I am not a fan of either of these people. I am just providing my perspective.

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Divide, distract and pacify

Mexican wall
Wall to divide America and Mexico

Although I wish that I had come up with this title, the title of this blog was taken from an article in the Free Though Project. (

It was talking about political speeches and how they all sound the same. One of the most significant political events, which has just concluded, is the RNC or Republican National Convention in America. Over the course of 3 days there have been numerous speeches by political leaders, congressmen, Police Chiefs, family members, wives, and others. This is all part of the ‘divide, distract, and pacify’ ploy. Read more

Independence Day (Again!!!)

Independence Day ResurgenceIndependence Day (Again!!)

Coming to your screens soon. The unforgettable story of the alien invasion of earth which is thwarted once again.

But what a minute. Haven’t we been there before? time and time again?

This time we have a repeat of Independence Day, in which Will Smith, our wise-cracking Colonel in the Air Force, partners up with Bill Paxton as POTUS (as he is so widely known as now. Now wonder people are slowly turning into dummies), to save the world. AGAIN.

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TV Suspense!


Within the myriad of “game shows, reality shows, crime series, and contestant based shows”, there is a trend which is becoming ever more annoying.  This trend, is the trend of ‘suspense’. It is designed (I think this is the purpose) to keep us viewers on the edge of our seats for extended periods of time, but for me it is just an irritant.

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Award Shows.

award seasonThe season is upon us once again. A time where people gather together to flaunt their wealth, organizers spend ridiculously large amounts of money, the tickets are out of reach for us “mere mortals”, and the participants spend several hours ” patting each other on the back” , lavishing praise, and platitudes on each other, and of course being watch by millions of people.

Welcome to “distraction season”   or, to give it its correct title, Awards season.

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