The Fast & Franchise.

Have you noticed that the words ‘sequel, ‘trilogy’  team, squad, are no longer being used, just as the word ‘series’ (except the world series)  and episodes are being phased out. If you are unsure what i am referring to, I am referring to the world of TV/Movies, and sport.The new buzz words are ‘franchise’ , which used to be exclusively for business chains such as KFC, McDonalds, Rolex, etc…, is now being used to describe movies and sports teams.‘The Harry Potter Franchise’, ‘The LA Galaxy Franchise’ and the latest one which is doing the rounds, ‘The Fast and Furious franchise’ We also have the new formula for TV dramas of all kinds. ‘Season’

Let’s talk about the former first. Movies. Movies are no longer for the purpose of entertainment, they are for the purpose of income generation.When a movie is made, and if it becomes successful, it spawns all sorts of‘spin-offs’ The first is the ‘sequel’ as I still refer to them.  Even if the film ends with the main character being killed off, the studio owners want more,  so as a result the sequels often have completely implausible plots(but hey!Who cares, as long as we make money). This is followed by the merchandising, games, books, collectible cards, and ending with the TV series. Sorry!  seasons!!!

Moving on to sport. The team or the individual have become ‘brands’ protected now by a team of lawyers, whose sole purpose is to go after anyone (other than themselves) who tries to profit from their ‘commodity’.  The fact that this team or said individual is already generating millions of dollars for the lawyers perpetuates the effort to keep their ‘brand’ in the public eye for as long as possible. I know the world changes, and is constantly changing, but i fail to see why people have been suckered into believing that they are part of some ‘big family'( as I have often heard being quoted) when participating in the whole scheme of things.

Whether that be buy tickets to watch the movie or game, buying merchandising, or watching series, which are gravitating to cable exclusivity (another way to get you money). That being involved is somehow ‘sexy’, glamorous or whatever the word is.  There is no family. They are just dressing the same things, up in the same way, using different words. Keeping people spending is the name of the game. Present the players or artists as ‘gods’ to be worshiped, and people( who seem to be getting dumber and dumber with each successive generation) fall for it,  and begin to‘worship’ these people. The main reason we are become a more top to bottom society is due to the ever increasing separation between ‘stars’ and Joe Public. Plus the way that the wrapping are being presented. The following is an example of how we as a society are being brainwashed by things which are called “dreams”  “Give them a dream and the will keep paying up”  This is not life. This is indoctrination, which looks as if it is well and truly here to stay.



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