The Greatest.

Young AliAli Liston

To mark the 3rd anniversary of his passing, this rhyme is dedicated to ‘the man’

A tribute to the late great Muhammad Ali,
by way of a poem. 

The Greatest.

He beat the rest
Then he beat the best.

Then at his peak
They tried to make him weak.

  Take away his liberty
Take away his pride
Hang him out to dry,
Take him for a ride.

  He campaigned for black rights
He had the establishment in his sights
They tried to send him to war
“I ain’t fightin no poor”
“What did they do to me?
Like them, I am not free”.

He championed for a better life
for people in strife.

His character transcended
The sport he ascended

A global leader was he,
To the old the young and the free.
To blacks and whites,
To Muslim and christian,
To heal the world was his mission.

He will always be known as the greatest,
but to me he will always be, a man of
principles, a man of the people,
a man who stood firm. A man without equal.


Fazier Ali


Part-time blogger with many views that need an outlet.