To EU or not to EU? (that is the question)

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Europe has been a disaster. This statement has been used on many occasions since the formation of the European Union in 1993. It was established to provide greater unity between the more prominent countries such as Germany, France, the UK and Italy (there are more but these are sufficient for now).

Trade and freedom of movement were also at the heart of the creation of the union. This was supposed to open up the borders between member states so essentially, one no longer needed a passport (in theory) to travel around, reside and work in any of the member countries.

Since then, the number has grown to 28, 29 if you include Turkey, which is on the point of joining.(it has also been argued that Turkey is partly in Asia, and is too far removed form the essence that is ‘Europe’).

Then we have headquarters of the organisation in a small city named Brussels
where the organisation is based. This relatively unknown headquarters and buildings housing bureaucrats, has basically taken over Europe, and now dictates laws to the member nations. While most people do not know who these people are, and who represents their respective countries, there is a growing feeling that their presence is fast becoming an hindrance rather than a help.

Britain is one of the member countries which is on the verge of making a decision to either leave or remain in the EU. Why? I hear you ask, (or maybe not) would Britain want to leave the safety of the union?
The reason is primarily to regain control of their country. Brussels has progressively gained more and more control and is setting the laws of many countries without those countries having any recourse.
Here are some examples of laws which have been drafted in Brussels:

1. new laws to regulate noise from lawnmowers.
2. measures to oblige homeowners to have their properties assessed for energy efficiency.
3. design of desk lamps
4. A proposal to ban menthol and electronic cigarettes.

No one knows about these laws until they are implemented, and countries are forced to accept them.

On June 23rd 2016, Britain will decide whether to leave the EU or remain. As one of the key players in the union there are many options to weigh up. The trade element of being outside. The immigration and emigration issues, the border issue (there are hundreds of thousands of people from the EU working and living in Britain).
The immigration issue which is sweeping Europe is one thing which is high on the agenda, with many British people feeling that there are now too many migrants arriving, and the economy and the services which it provides are at the point of collapse.
The Prime Minister has called for the referendum(vote) because he believes that it will be prosperous for Britain to remain, but the are many within his own party and the opposition parties who believe it is time to get out and regain control of their own destiny.

There are many factors which affect a country’s position in the EU, and this article only scratches the surface, but we are now entering a make of break time for the survival of the EU. Will it be reduced by 1 member after June 23rd?

We shall see!!


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