What a North and South

Recent events in the Korean peninsula have led most people to believe that there might, at long last, be peace in the region.

The heralded summit between Kim Jong-Un and his counterpart Moon Jae-In, has rejuvenated the belief that  there may be a resolution, if not the ultimate resolution(reunification) in sight.

The symbolism of both leaders setting foot in each others respective countries is interpreted as a symbolic joining of 2 nations into one, or at least the future possibility of this taking place.

However, there are rumblings that North Korea has lost its bargaining chip. Namely its nuclear capability. Buried away from the pomp and ceremony, and far from the media-eye-view is the fact that scientists (from outside of NK) have discovered a reason which probably trumps all other theories( in this instance, not Donald).

The mountain above their nuclear facility is unstable. Couple this with the recent earthquakes of reasonable scales (roughly 6.5 on the Richter scale), and we can guess that Kim Jong-Un is in no hurry to do another test. The possibility of the mountain imploding, destroying the arsenal, and causing massive radioactivity in the surrounding region has caused him to think twice.

Not one to ‘lose face’ he has therefore decided that ‘he has made a decision to hand out the ‘olive branch’ to the south’.

Another possible result of this could also the fact that Kim, like any other autocrats, likes the little luxuries of life, such as the finest imported liquor, exotic food, foreign cars, and before his recent marriage, a host of beautiful concubines in tow. Not to mention the many other unknown indulgences. All of this does not come cheaply, and the nation’s coffers have been severely hit by sanctions from around the world.
The smart man’s thinking is that ‘money’s too tight to mention’ , their closet ally (China) has also read the riot act to them for overstepping the mark, and buttering up the international community is the only was for his nation to get back onside financially.
There is a plan in the works for ‘Rocket Man’ to finally get together with his nemesis, he of ‘The Twitter Sphere’ This is planned for May or June, and after the recent spat between them things were at a precipice, although recent events on the peninsula have thawed tensions between the two.
On a seperate note, one thing which has gone relatively unnoticed during the last 60 years of the ‘truce’ is the issue of Korean families separated by the war. Many of the individuals were children at that time and have been, in some cases, separated ever since. This is something which should have been resolved decades ago, with families being allowed to spend more time with each other. After all, what did they do? Answer. Nothing. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (the establishment of the 38th Parallel). This is something I sincerely hope is brought to the table in any negotiation, so at least the few remaining families can get one final moment of togetherness. 
To sum up, the Asian region has been on the brink of a possible war for the last several years, and something was needed to bring all parties to the table, including the 2 superpowers of China and The US.
We are all going to watch this space and await the outcome.


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