World Power

wake upWorld Power.
Our allies no longer respect us! We are no longer the dominate force in the world! People are trying to attack us! All of these comments have been used at the RNC (Republican National Convention) over the last few weeks. These comments come from people who want America to become this ‘great again’ nation.

The no 1 power, the no 1 economy, the no 1 provider to other nations, the solution providers to the world.

The problem is:  the world has changed immeasurably. Political power, economic power, manufacturing power, no longer reside in the USA. The only power still residing in the USA is military power, and the power of financial manipulation.

Many in the US want to go back to ‘the good old days’ when jobs were readily available, the income of ‘middle class families’ was solid, and ‘people had values’, The days when people obeyed the law. A few examples of many. In answer to these points I have to say:  1. Goods are produced all over the world now. Goods are often cheaper to produce in Asia, and in 3rd world countries, so the idea that America will once again be this global leader in manufacturing is a fantasy. Things cannot, and will not, go back to the old days. The ‘good old days’ for some, are the ‘bad old days of tyranny’ for most others. 2. There is no such thing as middle income families. There are so many ‘groups’ these days, and money is generated in so many different ways now, the middle income family is a set of figures on paper,( and also white) not a reality.   3. People still obey the law in general, but do not, obey laws which are designed to strip away their liberties, their hard earned money, and their right to free speech.

America still has its roots based in ‘The Founding Fathers’, which is an outdated concept. These laws and principles were developed 250+ years ago, and are no longer in step with a modern society, whose way of life, and values have completely changed. The two are not even remotely compatible.Bill O'Reilly

I heard a commentator quoting Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, during a speech at the RNC. I am amazed at the fact that these men are still being quoted nowadays, and that millions still base their very existence on this system. Basing your whole system on 250 year old statements about a different world, is not a basis to move forward in a modern world.

The only way in which America can move forward is to understand the world the way it is now. To understand that there cannot be one dominant force, but a collective. To understand that getting rich is not the only reason that we exist, that you cannot use aggression to solve everything, and finally, new world orders are something from a thriller or the stuff of fiction. On the NWO (New World Order) topic, it has long been mooted that there is a new world order planning to take control of everything, from governments, to institutions, banking and financial systems, and basically anything in which money is involved.

bilderldeberg-list-2014 There is a group by the name of  The Bilderberg_Group  This group has long been accused of plotting to take over world affairs and gradually becoming said new world order. As this article is not focusing on this issue, I would suggest that you read the article at the link above to draw your own conclusions. The Republicans appear to be the party who want to install this system, beginning with America, and then pushing the agenda across the globe. (I also believe that a percentage of this philosophy is reflected within the Democratic Party).

I would like to sum up by stating once again that the world is a completely different animal from the mid-twentieth century. People across the globe have become much more integrated, cultures which were once stereo typical of certain countries, now exist in multiple countries. With this comes new definitions of work, business, politics, communities, rights, human rights, and religious integration.

Why regress?  Who will it serve? 


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