Welcome to the blog “All Things Worldly”

The title of this blog, I hope, will be for people who have opinions about what is going on in the world today to express their views and to open dialogues.

From politics to science, from drugs to art, from music to religion. All topics are welcome.

Please also understand that I am not ‘an expert’ in the topics I post. I only offer my opinion, so if you agree or disagree with me please join the discussion.

If I am incorrect in some of my assertions, then please educate or correct me, but please do not assume that all of my opinions come from intense research or study. They merely come from my observations in life.

As with any blog, certain topics and language must be monitored. Freedom of expression is fantastic, but as we know, the internet today is ‘policed’ and blogs which contain views which are considered ‘out of step with the norm’ can be seen as ‘offensive’ (offensive can have many definitions), immoral, traitorous, and even illegal.

So when posting, please be aware of your responsibility and only post things which can be read by all netizens.

Happy posting.

Thank you and welcome.


The Artful Dodger.