The Greatest.

Young AliAli Liston

To mark the 3rd anniversary of his passing, this rhyme is dedicated to ‘the man’

A tribute to the late great Muhammad Ali,
by way of a poem. 

The Greatest.

He beat the rest
Then he beat the best.

Then at his peak
They tried to make him weak.

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Europe’s emigrant crisis.

Syrian refugeesThe world (probably except for the US) has been gripped by a crisis, the like of which has not been experienced for many years, regarding refugees.

The situation as we know has emanated from the ongoing war in Syria, which seems to have no clear end in sight. Millions of Syrian refugees have fled the country amid the fighting and are seeking sanctuary in the European Union. Read more


IS or ISIS?The rise of religious fanaticism. 

Religion has long been a word which stirs emotions, triggers debate, arouses passion, and also instills suspicion and fear. The worship of a higher being of which generally there is no concrete evidence, has shaped societies and cultures for thousands of years. One of the religions at the centre of the debate is Islam. This religion, looks to Allah as its supreme being, and has rules which must be followed.

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Independence Day (Again!!!)

Independence Day ResurgenceIndependence Day (Again!!)

Coming to your screens soon. The unforgettable story of the alien invasion of earth which is thwarted once again.

But what a minute. Haven’t we been there before? time and time again?

This time we have a repeat of Independence Day, in which Will Smith, our wise-cracking Colonel in the Air Force, partners up with Bill Paxton as POTUS (as he is so widely known as now. Now wonder people are slowly turning into dummies), to save the world. AGAIN.

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Europe on the cusp.

Destination UK


As the current European migrant situation sees no signs of abating anytime soon, many people in European countries are beginning to focus on nationalism.The rights of the common nation in many European countries are being eroded in favour of those who are arriving on their shores seeking asylum.

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