Big brother houseThis article is called distraction because I can,t think of a more apt title. It is a worldwide phenomena which seems to be orchestrated by people at the top of the “food chain” as it were. Distraction is the art of keeping the people distracted with mundane things which divert their attention away from more serious issues.

Examples of distraction are some of the elements which make up this blog. For example: Daytime TV. In some countries this has become the staple diet of the masses. Often they are comprised of dramas, game shows, radio talk shows(on TV, go figure!!!), and phone-ins among others. If you think of some of the things which “they” have us watching now, it makes the mind boggle. Watching a group of people in a compound 24/7 (Big Brother), watching wealthy/famous families in their supposedly “daily lives” (which some of us can tell, are completely stage managed for TV(The Osbornes, The Kardashians, etc…,) These Vampiresshows although supposedly light entertainment, and not meant to be taken seriously, have actually become real life for many people trying to escape their day-to-day lives.

The analogy “keep the people stupid so that they are easier to control” rings true in daytime TV. If you couple this with fame, the search for fame at any cost, together they are consuming modern day society. People actually just want to be famous for something, what it is, is not important, as long as fame is achieved.

Pop reality shows The X Factor, The Voice, American Idol, plus Big Brother, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, Survivor, etc…, People go on these shows with one purpose in mind. Fame. I want to be famous. I want girls/boys to find me sexy, I want (easy) money, an expensive car and house. I don,t want to spend years working for it, like my parents. I want it NOW. I want to be in the elite group of people who can flaunt their popularity along with their wealth, in front of anyone who wants to see it.

The expression top model“keeping up with the Jones” has long been used to drive societies in the search for things they( I include myself in this, as I also have been a victim),don’t need and can’t really afford. We must have these things to keep pace with our peers.This myth has now been taken up to new dizzying heights, mainly by the media, who use it to “tell us” what our priorities should be. We must have a Rolex, or a brand new 4×4 car(of all the millions of 4×4’s on the “road”, around 90% of them have never been “off road” which is their main purpose). We must have a house in an exotic location, wear expensive clothes, be thin, be healthy, the list goes on….  If we don’t have these things, then we are considered worthless by “society.”

All of this is designed to distract us from what is really going on in our respective countries, and the world in general.Governments, individuals, corporations are using these distraction tactics to control, steal, manipulate, mainly wealth, and information, in order to control the population totally. While we are worried about the car we can’t afford, or being overweight, or which cellphone will make us popular, or make our peers jealous, these people continue to do what they want.

In conclusion, people in general are less interested in governments and politics nowadays, as it is “boring and not sexy.” This leaves those in power to manipulate.

Unless “we” wake up soon, it will be too late.


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    Thanks. If you have any more examples of this topic, please feel free to share them.

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