Eye Candy

Grand prix girls



Eye Candy The necessity of “Eye Candy” has never ceased to amaze me. The presence of sexy girls to sell products, and to attract males to events, goes back a long way. From the early days of cinema to the fifties, when ‘men were men’ and women were for for display purposes and to be admired, lusted after etc..,

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One-sided justice


I am currently watching the news regarding the Dallas Police shootings. (Dallas Shootings)  The commentary has been focusing on the shooting of the officers which it rightly should be. The news commentary has also strenuously stressed that “we should not, as a nation, tolerate the cowardly shooting of policemen” Read more

Sell Sell Sell!!

sell sell sellA trend which has grown out of all proportion over the last several decades is the phenomenon of sales. But in this instance I am not talking about the regular transaction of buying and selling goods. I am talking about the sell at all costs phenomenon which has taken over all aspect of our lives.

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