Stars'n'stripes planeI want to talk about a movie I watched,  starring Matt Damon, whom I actually like as an actor(one of the very few).The film was called the Martian.

It was about an astronaut who was a part of a team on a mission on the surface of Mars. During the mission the team encountered a storm and had to take off to save themselves, but Matt Damon’s character was hit by an object before he could make it back to the ship, and was presumed dead. He survived, and eventually made contact with earth. The rest of the movie was about his survival, the plan and mission to rescue him. Read more



Mens' rightsThe counterpart to the worldwide movement named #MeToo, is my version of a movement, which is not countering the #metoo movement, but asking questions about relationships between male and female.

Throughout history, men have been the pursuers, the charmers, the chasers of women. Whole industries have made countless billions over centuries due to this basic fact. So now we have world where men are now on their guard when it comes to physical, and visual contact, and verbal interaction, with the opposite sex.

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Musical Gods


I think that i can safely say the most people like music. Whatever form it comes in, people like or even love music.
Music is: a motivator, a passion, a a career, a hobby. The list can go on and on.
Music is about people, because primarily, people create music.

Since the year dot, people have used music to entertain either themselves, or others,
and with this the people who create the music, have always been celebrated. Read more

Footballer or rich?

Park footballBeing English, I grew up playing football. Nothing unusual about that. Millions of boys were the same as me. Playing in the park, playing for teams, supporting a team(usually a top team, if you were from a small town. I supported Liverpool, and I am not a Liverpudlian).
This was what most boys did(girls did not play then, for all you PC brigade). It was life. Driven by 2 things; desire, and positive peer pressure. The thought of being left out was not something anyone wanted to experience. What were you to do when all of your friends were playing? This is how serial killers are made!!!!(my attempt at humour).

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Big brother houseThis article is called distraction because I can,t think of a more apt title. It is a worldwide phenomena which seems to be orchestrated by people at the top of the “food chain” as it were. Distraction is the art of keeping the people distracted with mundane things which divert their attention away from more serious issues. Read more


biasNewspapers, radio, TV, magazines, blogs, the internet. All of these things are sources of news. We have never had so much choice as to where we receive our news from.
With the emergence several decades ago, of media corporations, who own many outlets of news, we have become more and more subject to the views of the people who own these organisations.

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The Changing Face Of Music

The BeatlesWith the recent passing of three very recognizable faces in the music world, it is hard not to reflect on how the face of music has changed over the last several decades, and is still changing. Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, and Lemmee of Motorhead fame, were 4 artists whose work spanned generations, who images were always evolving and changing with the times, and whose love of music was their driving factor.

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Celebrity chefIn these days of mass media and social media, there is one topic which has come to the forefront of society. This topic is food.

Food has become a major industry. Not the fact of buying, selling and eating., but the fact of the celebrity which now surrounds food.
How many TV chefs have emerged over the last decade?    Answer : too many to mention.

And why the huge  growth of the TV chef?  I have several theories about this. Read more


Barack in the hot seatAs President Barack Obama comes the end of his second term as President of the USA, this blog will reflect on his historic presidency as the 1st African American president.

When he was on the brink of becoming the president many in America, and around the world were surprised that America was going to change track after 200 plus years. His subsequent election and the mixture of euphoria and disbelief it created, was something, which for me, as a black man, will stay with me forever.

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