Sharia football

David Luiz worshipAn intriguing title you might ask. And you would be right. What is the meaning behind it? All will become clear shortly.

There is an increasing connection between religion and football?

Well. In this world of mass sporting investment and expansion worldwide, certain things have crept in which are altering the face of certain sports.


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The Greatest.

Young AliAli Liston

To mark the 3rd anniversary of his passing, this rhyme is dedicated to ‘the man’

A tribute to the late great Muhammad Ali,
by way of a poem. 

The Greatest.

He beat the rest
Then he beat the best.

Then at his peak
They tried to make him weak.

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 Formula 1 carFor thousands of years sport has been considered as activities for people to: enjoy, relax with, do for fun, bond people(teams), for exercise, for health, among others.

Sport now has taken on the mantle of big business. Listen to the words used today to describe sport, and you might be mistaken for thinking that you are at a business conference. Franchise, Brand, CEO, merchandising, label, image rights, advertising, floatations. In America sports such as the NFL, and the NBA are unashamedly called franchises. Read more

It’s just for security purposes.

In today's world, understandably there is the need for different types of security.  Home security, government security, online security to name a few. However, this article is focusing on the security which has quietly crept into our lives under the 'pretext' of the above.

I watch a lot of sport on TV, and occasionally go to live events.

I can understand security due to the threat of terrorism. It is a constant in our lives now (mainly due to government actions), and we have to live with it. But the number of officials, the separation, of the fans, and the competitors, and the celebrities who now seem to be joined at the hip to sporting events.


Footballer or rich?

Park footballBeing English, I grew up playing football. Nothing unusual about that. Millions of boys were the same as me. Playing in the park, playing for teams, supporting a team(usually a top team, if you were from a small town. I supported Liverpool, and I am not a Liverpudlian).
This was what most boys did(girls did not play then, for all you PC brigade). It was life. Driven by 2 things; desire, and positive peer pressure. The thought of being left out was not something anyone wanted to experience. What were you to do when all of your friends were playing? This is how serial killers are made!!!!(my attempt at humour).

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Eye Candy

Grand prix girls



Eye Candy The necessity of “Eye Candy” has never ceased to amaze me. The presence of sexy girls to sell products, and to attract males to events, goes back a long way. From the early days of cinema to the fifties, when ‘men were men’ and women were for for display purposes and to be admired, lusted after etc..,

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The impending encroachment

This blog is in recognition of a trend which is becoming more and more prevalent in sports. This is the presence of

Will & Roger
Will & Roger

stars from the world of entertainment being present, or taking part in sporting events (not as competitors, but as attractions). I am a big fan of the sport of tennis. I watch the matches. I do not follow the player’s lives outside of their matches. I have no interest in their private lives, who they are dating, what clothes they wear, etc…, (my
personal view). There are millions of fans who for them, this is a major part of the reason they follow the sport, which I fully understand.


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Robotic sports stars

RonaldoSport is one of the major attractions, hobbies, businesses, and endeavours in the world.When it comes to the playing of sport, whether it is a game of football in the park , a local town league match, or the Premier league, people play with passion and for enjoyment or love of the sport.


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The Fast & Franchise.

Have you noticed that the words ‘sequel, ‘trilogy’  team, squad, are no longer being used, just as the word ‘series’ (except the world series)  and episodes are being phased out. If you are unsure what i am referring to, I am referring to the world of TV/Movies, and sport.The new buzz words are ‘franchise’ , which used to be exclusively for business chains such as KFC, McDonalds, Rolex, etc…, is now being used to describe movies and sports teams.‘The Harry Potter Franchise’, ‘The LA Galaxy Franchise’ and the latest one which is doing the rounds, ‘The Fast and Furious franchise’ We also have the new formula for TV dramas of all kinds. ‘Season’

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More is not better.

Medal TableAs we reach another closing ceremony for the latest ‘Greatest show on Earth’ ,the Olympics have provided some remarkable sporting achievements by athletes from all over the world. Records have been broken, new sports have been introduced, negatively, there have also been scandals relating to doping, and problems beset some of the the venues.

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