We know they did it!

We know they did it.North Tower of WTC1

Finally, after two decades of bulls**t it has finally been acknowledged that the 9/11 towers were all brought down by
explosives. What does this signify? I will tell you. It signifies one of the worst episodes in recent world history. Not only due to the actions of the people involved, but also the catastrophic knock-on effects, which are still being felt in several parts of the world. Read more



Mens' rightsThe counterpart to the worldwide movement named #MeToo, is my version of a movement, which is not countering the #metoo movement, but asking questions about relationships between male and female.

Throughout history, men have been the pursuers, the charmers, the chasers of women. Whole industries have made countless billions over centuries due to this basic fact. So now we have world where men are now on their guard when it comes to physical, and visual contact, and verbal interaction, with the opposite sex.

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BSc in plagiarism

Degrees obtained via technology.

In most countries getting a university education is more important than ever. The importance of having one is underlined by the fact that 90% of jobs which have a path, or some type of progression need the applicant to be the holder of a degree.
But are the courses which are available, real preparation and theory to do a job, or just a piece of paper which tells the employer that the applicant has spent 4 years studying? and are the things being studied, actually being studied, or are students just gathering information and placing it in reports to present?

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Reason, abuse, then attack

CastroThis strategy is played out countless times in countless arenas. This of course has changed over the course of history, where initially, many centuries ago, it was just plain “attack” We want your territory, we have a bigger army, so we just attack. Then when this proved to be ‘unethical’ a change of plan was
introduced.  Abuse the potential enemy with threats, false(invariably) accusations, and provocation and when they respond/retaliate (or not), attack. The justification being their response. And our final one is to play the diplomacy card first to show the ‘humanitarian’ side. ‘We want to persuade you to agree with us
because we want an amicable solution. When this fails, fall back to plans B(abuse) and C(attack).

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Obesity in the name of vanity

overweight kids

Most countries around the world are now ‘blessed’ or ‘plagued’, depending on your opinion, with ‘The shopping Mall’ These are often the social meeting place and besides the shopping, eating, and window shopping, which goes on in abundance, there is another ‘blight’ on the landscape.

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Blurring the lines

Jussie Every day in our societies we seem to be moving ever closer to the line between what is real and what is imaginary. For all the ‘Fake News’ which is manufactured, is basically just reporting events in a manner which ‘supports’ the writer’s stance or opinion, and the network media companies countering this ‘fake news’ with their own ‘fake news’ (sorry for the repetition, I just wanted to make a point).

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Cloned living

I have beeShopping malln fortunate in my life, in the fact that I have been able to travel to many different countries. During my travels to different cities around the world, one thing which has really struck me is the ever-increasing similarities between them.This has been mainly due to the influence of western culture. Looking at the skylines of many a city you will see familiar names. Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Toyota.

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Reassurance lines

Reassurance lines.

It’not going to happen  / I won’t let that happen /  Don’t blame yourself  /  It’s not your fault  /  Everything is going to be alright

It’s my job to protect you  /  I can take care of myself /  I promise…..  /

Conflict creation lines

We don’t need him/her  / I always work alone don’t trust him/her  /  Get lost  /  We have everyone we need  /  I don’t need your charity.

Just another rookie trying to make a name for himself/herself  /  You don’t tow the line /  Why do we need these amateurs?

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Life without a cellphone. Why?

Life without a cellphone. Why?

The cellphone, mobile, or whatever you call it; the saviour of mankind or the scourge? Whatever your view, the cellphone is here to stay. From the 1st time voice waves were sent over wires to an astonished recipient at the other end, the pace at which the humble telephone has changed has been astounding.

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Big brother houseThis article is called distraction because I can,t think of a more apt title. It is a worldwide phenomena which seems to be orchestrated by people at the top of the “food chain” as it were. Distraction is the art of keeping the people distracted with mundane things which divert their attention away from more serious issues. Read more