Sports and money

This subject has been broached increasingly over recent decades. The amount of money in sport. This includes not only the pay, salary, or whatever it is called, but the sponsorship, advertising, personal appearance add-ons.

We are talking about previously unimaginable amounts of money now being commonplace. Sportsmen and women, earning in excess of 50-100 million pounds before they are 25 years old.

As recently as 2016 the amount of 200 million pounds (approximately) was paid for 1 player. The player himself collects between 5-10% of this fee before he has even kicked a ball. Added to this the insane wages of £500,000 pounds per week, yes, per week ( let’s put this into context. A salary of £50,000 per year would be deemed good in many countries, however, to earn a weeks salary of this footballer, said person would have to work for 10 years (yes, 10 years to earn the same as 1 week). Even after taking away all the logistics(revenue for the club, advertising, etc…,) it is still an insane amount of money.

Fans of sports with these types of figures do not seem to care. I read a story last year of a father and Footballershis 2 sons. He had to make a decision as to stop taking his sons to watch football matches, to go alone, or to take his sons on alternate weeks, as the price of season tickets had just increased. What a choice, while the players are earning £50,000 a week on average.
Something is not right. Along with buying merchandise (because every time a new player arrives you have to buy a new shirt. Also, If your favourite player leaves, or is sold, your shirt is no longer of any use. And considering the transfer merry go rounds, then this will happen a lot.

Finally, although I could talk about many things ( keep reading future blogs), I am going to sum up with the offshoots for many players.
When we (the average supporter)wants to buy a new car, that money is often from our salary, and if we are given a company car, (which only a small percentage of staff are given), tax has to be paid on this car. Many sports stars are given these items and the club picks up the bill. This is the same as adding an extra £20,000(depending on the type of car) a year to an already colossal salary.

I believe that things will have to change drastically, for things to continue. The corona-virus has already lead to the possibility of some lower level clubs going out of business, and the top level clubs are reducing salaries, and laying off staff (non-playing staff). Something needs to make sport see sense.

The things I have mentioned in this article, barely touch the surface. There is much more involved and even larger sums of money involved behind the scenes.


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