Obesity in the name of vanity

overweight kids

Most countries around the world are now ‘blessed’ or ‘plagued’, depending on your opinion, with ‘The shopping Mall’ These are often the social meeting place and besides the shopping, eating, and window shopping, which goes on in abundance, there is another ‘blight’ on the landscape.

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Nouvelle cuisine, or just plain hungry?

A nouvelle cuisine dish
Where is my food???

Nouvelle cuisine or just plain hungry?

All around us, we are saturated with food. Magazines, blogs, travel shows, TV chefs, celebrity chefs, reality shows…… Everywhere!!
My topic today is not about another of the recent crazes to afflict mankind, but today I would like to talk about something which has graced our presence for decades. ‘Nouvelle cuisine’ The term is french and translates as ‘new cooking’. It blends various styles with an emphasis on presentation, and not quantity.

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Celebrity chefIn these days of mass media and social media, there is one topic which has come to the forefront of society. This topic is food.

Food has become a major industry. Not the fact of buying, selling and eating., but the fact of the celebrity which now surrounds food.
How many TV chefs have emerged over the last decade?    Answer : too many to mention.

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Customer smiles

Customer care in Asia. Where is it? Is my question.

Is it the smiles which greet you at every juncture, which are backed up by nothing else? I keep hearing about this amazing customer service in my adopted country of The Philippines, but only on 1 or 2 occasions during my 10 year stay have I encountered it.

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