Musical Gods


I think that i can safely say the most people like music. Whatever form it comes in, people like or even love music.
Music is: a motivator, a passion, a a career, a hobby. The list can go on and on.
Music is about people, because primarily, people create music.

Since the year dot, people have used music to entertain either themselves, or others,
and with this the people who create the music, have always been celebrated. Read more

It’s just for security purposes.

In today's world, understandably there is the need for different types of security.  Home security, government security, online security to name a few. However, this article is focusing on the security which has quietly crept into our lives under the 'pretext' of the above.

I watch a lot of sport on TV, and occasionally go to live events.

I can understand security due to the threat of terrorism. It is a constant in our lives now (mainly due to government actions), and we have to live with it. But the number of officials, the separation, of the fans, and the competitors, and the celebrities who now seem to be joined at the hip to sporting events.


The Changing Face Of Music

The BeatlesWith the recent passing of three very recognizable faces in the music world, it is hard not to reflect on how the face of music has changed over the last several decades, and is still changing. Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, and Lemmee of Motorhead fame, were 4 artists whose work spanned generations, who images were always evolving and changing with the times, and whose love of music was their driving factor.

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