Stop resisting

A disturbing, although long existing trick, tactic, or whatever title you  may wish to call it, is the use of stop resistingthe phrase ‘stop resisting’ by police, to, on the one hand ensure that they at least ‘warned’ the suspect that he/she should not resist the officer(s) who are in the process of making an arrest, or detaining them, or on the other, to ensure that if the suspect turns out to be innocent, then at least the police can extort money and give the person a criminal record, which will subsequently make it easier for the person to be arrested in the future(anyone who has a previous conviction will be on their database, regardless of the nature of the offence).

Need to justifyThis ‘trick’ has long given law enforcement the power to carry out what is their ultimate aim, which is to register all ‘undesirables’ on the system. (There of course, will be several groups you will never see on the ‘system’). When I was younger and used to watch people being arrested on American TV,(They do not currently do this in The UK, but I am sure they will follow suit, as always) I could not understand why they did this, but it slowly became crystal clear.1. Cover your arse. 2. Add another charge to the list. 3. Document more people. The Police have long used their powers to detain people as a part of their ‘whims’, and all arrests have to be written up and justified. Justification, if all else fails is the ‘resistance’ clause ( I call it a clause, as it exists, but is written in ‘invisible ink’ which appears and disappears at random). Another in this list is the ‘disobeying a
police officer’ (how can you disobey an illegal command if you haven’t done anything illegal?). Another of the ‘invisible ink’ clauses. This is often encapsulated in the ‘response time’ clause, which identifies the time to respond to the instructions. Anything less than 0.0001 milliseconds( slight exaggeration, but not too off the mark) is deemed as non-compliance, even though in this type of situation (surrounded by police, with possibly guns drawn) citizens must act 100% rationally and do nothing deemed even slightly unusual. Citizens are not ‘trained’to do this, as these things either: do not happen to us, or happen once in a lifetime, but that is irrelevant. It is just another way for the authorities to exert their authority. Therefore in the report ‘the suspect failed to follow my commands’ can be used as a justification for action. Despite the fact that the suspect ‘did’ follow commands, but not in ‘the twinkling of an eye’ The next tool is the resisting arrest. This can be added to the list, if the other charges fail. This is a slam dunk for most officers, as they know many people will fight charges, but this ‘safe bet’ is just slipped in there to; make the person arrested appear to be of violent Fatal resistancecharacter, as ‘resisting’ is a physical action. Along with ensuring that they collect more citizens toll money ( charges for existing), and as judges seem to ignore most circumstances, this is virtually guaranteed revenue.The recent events in America to change laws, make police officers more accountable, along with calls to defund them( which is one aspect I am not fully in agreement with. We do need them, but in a different form), will have the necessary affects people, especially minorities, are seeking. Removing a president who ‘appears’ to be racist, should be the 1st step. 

Another step would also to be to change the recruitment policy to ‘non-psychopathic’ applicants, as this seems to have been overlooked in the majority of cases.


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