Voting ballot box

Elections are the bedrock of democracy. This statement is supposed to give comfort to billions of people around the world, who believe in the system of government which has been in place for many hundreds of years. Yet, if you look at governments around the world, you will find that the systems which have been put in place to ‘elect’ the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chancellors of this world, are very flawed.

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Sports and money

This subject has been broached increasingly over recent decades. The amount of money in sport. This includes not only the pay, salary, or whatever it is called, but the sponsorship, advertising, personal appearance add-ons.

We are talking about previously unimaginable amounts of money now being commonplace. Sportsmen and women, earning in excess of 50-100 million pounds before they are 25 years old.

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Stop resisting

A disturbing, although long existing trick, tactic, or whatever title you  may wish to call it, is the use of stop resistingthe phrase ‘stop resisting’ by police, to, on the one hand ensure that they at least ‘warned’ the suspect that he/she should not resist the officer(s) who are in the process of making an arrest, or detaining them, or on the other, to ensure that if the suspect turns out to be innocent, then at least the police can extort money and give the person a criminal record, which will subsequently make it easier for the person to be arrested in the future(anyone who has a previous conviction will be on their database, regardless of the nature of the offence).

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Circumvent the rules

I watched another of the thousands of You Tube Videos which show how police officers ‘circumvent’ the law to get a result.
What we have to understand before we delve into this, are the incentives/directives given to police officers in America( I do not know if this practice exists in The UK yet, but what the US does, we usually follow, like sheep) to raise their figures. The more arrests you make, or tickets you issue, counts towards your promotions, salary increases, etc… This is another reason why there are thousands of traffic laws. More laws = more dollars, because ‘you are going to get caught out by one, even of you have never heard of it before. Most drivers do not know most of the hundreds, if not thousands of driving laws.

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The two do not go together

This blog is about two things which are inexorably ‘joined at the hip’ Cars and speed. Cars are ultimately200 mph car about speed, especially when we get to the luxury end of the market. The specs which attract the buyer are; the 0-60 time, the top speed,which often now exceeds 200 mph, and the handling        ( how does it handle at high speed). Whole industries and fortunes have been made around these things, and with the addition of sport (Formula 1, Indy 500, etc…) added then the lust for speed becomes an addiction. Some of the performance figures are the indications of how much you will need to ‘shell out’ to buy a vehicle in this range.

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Why oh why does America not wake up?

Why oh why does America not wake up?

The reason I ask this question is that the rhetoric which is ‘regurgitated’ over and over again, almost like it is on cue.

Statements do not convince people any more. They have not done so for a long time. 

I was just watching a news conference with the mayor of Atlanta (Keisha Lance Bottoms – strange name!!!) who was uttering the ‘so often repeated’ words.

“We are better than this” Well my answer to that is ‘you are not better than this’ or these things would not be happening on a daily basis.

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Modern day Klan?

Where else , but in America of course!!   The latest ‘execution’ of a probably innocent man. I say probably, because all of the facts are not in yet.

The background to this story is as follows:  A man jogging in a neighbourhood near his home is followed by 2 men in a truck. They believe he has been involved in robberies in the same neighbourhood.

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Coronavirus. Real or Fake?

The Coronavirus is here. With us every day. All around  us. Restricting our lives. Ruining livelihoods, destroying businesses. Uprooting the financial world, and much more.  But is it the deadliest plague of modern history, as is being claimed in many quarters?

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We know they did it!

We know they did it.North Tower of WTC1

Finally, after two decades of bulls**t it has finally been acknowledged that the 9/11 towers were all brought down by
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Sharia football

David Luiz worshipAn intriguing title you might ask. And you would be right. What is the meaning behind it? All will become clear shortly.

There is an increasing connection between religion and football?

Well. In this world of mass sporting investment and expansion worldwide, certain things have crept in which are altering the face of certain sports.


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