Voting ballot box

Elections are the bedrock of democracy. This statement is supposed to give comfort to billions of people around the world, who believe in the system of government which has been in place for many hundreds of years. Yet, if you look at governments around the world, you will find that the systems which have been put in place to ‘elect’ the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chancellors of this world, are very flawed.

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The Greatest.

Young AliAli Liston

To mark the 3rd anniversary of his passing, this rhyme is dedicated to ‘the man’

A tribute to the late great Muhammad Ali,
by way of a poem. 

The Greatest.

He beat the rest
Then he beat the best.

Then at his peak
They tried to make him weak.

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Religion or Ritual?

Re-enactment of the crucifixion

I have always been interested in religion. Not as a true believer, but more from a scholarly point. There are so many interpretations of religious beliefs that one would not be surprised to learn that there are many people who are confused by this.  Why are there so many different religions? and why do they all do different things?

Each religion focuses on their particular brand of belief. Christians, Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, etc…, all have a system which defines the way they worship, and the way they demonstrate their beliefs.

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Reincarnation of Jesus or plain old perverts?

WorshipI am currently watching an episode of Crime Investigation on the TV.

The episode is about a church cult into which a woman was introduced, and slowly brainwashed. This was just one program in a series of programs which investigate various cults around the world. The same underlying theme always seems to be at the core of these programs.

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IS or ISIS?The rise of religious fanaticism. 

Religion has long been a word which stirs emotions, triggers debate, arouses passion, and also instills suspicion and fear. The worship of a higher being of which generally there is no concrete evidence, has shaped societies and cultures for thousands of years. One of the religions at the centre of the debate is Islam. This religion, looks to Allah as its supreme being, and has rules which must be followed.

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Tax exempt, or milking the system?


There are many organisations which are exempt from paying tax on their earnings. Tax exemption is usually granted to what are known as ‘non-profit’ organisations.
The very moniker should describe accurately the fact that these companies make no profit on their activities. Yet around the world, and in The USA in particular, there is
an underlying theme of organisations which are in effect ‘companies’ and these ‘companies’ are in ‘business’ to make a profit, yet they are exempt from paying tax.

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I no longer have an opinion.

Article about opinions

Over the last 100 years or so, the world has changed more drastically than at any other time in its history. Most of the changes have been due to technology which has changed the way we live, the places where we live, the way we get information, and last but not least, the way we view each other. In our societies there many “groups” of people. Races, disabled, (both physically and mentally), extremists, LGBT,(for those of you who don’t know, these are lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender), socialists, communists, chauvinists, etc, the list is endless.

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