Mens' rightsThe counterpart to the worldwide movement named #MeToo, is my version of a movement, which is not countering the #metoo movement, but asking questions about relationships between male and female.

Throughout history, men have been the pursuers, the charmers, the chasers of women. Whole industries have made countless billions over centuries due to this basic fact. So now we have world where men are now on their guard when it comes to physical, and visual contact, and verbal interaction, with the opposite sex.

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 Formula 1 carFor thousands of years sport has been considered as activities for people to: enjoy, relax with, do for fun, bond people(teams), for exercise, for health, among others.

Sport now has taken on the mantle of big business. Listen to the words used today to describe sport, and you might be mistaken for thinking that you are at a business conference. Franchise, Brand, CEO, merchandising, label, image rights, advertising, floatations. In America sports such as the NFL, and the NBA are unashamedly called franchises. Read more

Cloned living

I have beeShopping malln fortunate in my life, in the fact that I have been able to travel to many different countries. During my travels to different cities around the world, one thing which has really struck me is the ever-increasing similarities between them.This has been mainly due to the influence of western culture. Looking at the skylines of many a city you will see familiar names. Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Toyota.

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Eye Candy

Grand prix girls



Eye Candy The necessity of “Eye Candy” has never ceased to amaze me. The presence of sexy girls to sell products, and to attract males to events, goes back a long way. From the early days of cinema to the fifties, when ‘men were men’ and women were for for display purposes and to be admired, lusted after etc..,

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The Changing Face Of Music

The BeatlesWith the recent passing of three very recognizable faces in the music world, it is hard not to reflect on how the face of music has changed over the last several decades, and is still changing. Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, and Lemmee of Motorhead fame, were 4 artists whose work spanned generations, who images were always evolving and changing with the times, and whose love of music was their driving factor.

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Customer smiles

Customer care in Asia. Where is it? Is my question.

Is it the smiles which greet you at every juncture, which are backed up by nothing else? I keep hearing about this amazing customer service in my adopted country of The Philippines, but only on 1 or 2 occasions during my 10 year stay have I encountered it.

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Perpetual Loans.

We are alIMF Donorsways hearing, reading about, and watching, financial news regarding various countries going bankrupt or overspending, and borrowing money from the world bank /IMF. To briefly explain. Countries are run just like any business. They make money by raising taxes, selling goods and services (tourism for example) to other countries. They use the money they receive to provide services for the citizens of the country. That was the simplified version .Like some businesses, countries can spend more than they receive in income. So in this event, they borrow.

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More is not better.

Medal TableAs we reach another closing ceremony for the latest ‘Greatest show on Earth’ ,the Olympics have provided some remarkable sporting achievements by athletes from all over the world. Records have been broken, new sports have been introduced, negatively, there have also been scandals relating to doping, and problems beset some of the the venues.

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World Power

wake upWorld Power.
Our allies no longer respect us! We are no longer the dominate force in the world! People are trying to attack us! All of these comments have been used at the RNC (Republican National Convention) over the last few weeks. These comments come from people who want America to become this ‘great again’ nation. Read more

Olympic Gold or another perk?

Gold medalThe news has been dominated in recent months by the upcoming Olympic games. The Olympics is a truly global event. From the beginning of the games which starts several months before the actual  sporting events, with the lighting and carrying of the Olympic torch(which I was fortunate enough to see while travelling in New Delhi in 2004), through to the 2 weeks of competition. Fast forward to the present. Does the Olympic Games still retain its status as the no 1 global sporting event? Read more