What did they expect?

History has taught us a great many things.  From business to politics, to science, to education. Man has often, but also not often, learnt from his mistakes. He has adapted to the situations which came about as a result of movement, trade, and labour. This is how societies are formed

What I am going to talk about today is a part of the history of American society. A nation divided on the boundaries of race, the USA rose to prominence on the back of free labour, namely slave labour. Slaves were brought from overseas, mainly from Africa, to work on the burgeoning plantations, and to keep the plantation owners rich by way of enforced oppression, brutality, and a stranglehold on free will and movement.

The situation I have outlined is in the distant past. Times have changed. The law, the ideals of many, the education system, along with many more changes to society. Multiculturalism has also transformed society.

Most ‘western societies are based on a multicultural environment. The idea that some groups ‘don’t belong’ is something which is often trumpeted, on TV, in the law, and by some parts of the society. The meaning of ‘don’t belong’ refers to the fact that certain sections should not be in the country, or have no right to be there ( regardless of legal status). At the top of this list is the African American. It has long been said that they should ‘go back to where they came from’, ‘back to the jungle’, and back to being ‘apes’ (the last being quite remarkable, seeing as we all are the result of ‘apes’. I don’t subscribe to the Adam & Eve theory).

If we look at this in context. The majority of slaves were imported from Africa and the Caribbean. We know the story of their lives in America. Then we arrive at the abolition era. After this was achieved, the idea was that everyone had rights. Different rights, but rights all the same.  Even though the legal status of the African American was ‘free’, the majority of white society still saw them as slaves, inferior, etc…, which gave rise to the ‘we don’t want them here’ rhetoric.

As successive generations are born and thrive, they become just as much a part of the country as the people who ‘brought’ their ancestors there. So the very idea of ‘repatriation’ is so ludicrous that it beggars belief. Go back to where?, and why? You brought us here, and now that you can no longer exploit us, you want to get rid of us. What did you expect? Did you think that slavery was going to go on forever? Did you give any thought to the fact that once in a place, any race of people adapt to the place and eventually call it home. That’s what you did! You are not from there either!

There are many nations whose descendants have lived in America for several generations. What about Italians, Jews, Chinese, Irish, Russians, Germans, Japanese? All of these nationalities play a prominent role in today’s America.

The only Americans who should be allowed to tell people to get out are the Native Americans, who were ravaged by the greed and arrogance of the ‘uninvited’ European settlers.

The video below demonstrates the feelings of many whites in this day and age.

My point in this article is not about racism, but about the sentiments expressed by the ‘gentleman’ (if that is the right term) in the video.

Today’s African American identify themselves with the only country they know, and have existed in for more than a century. They are part of the fabric, the culture, the society. They have even had a president, an Attorney General, The Head of The joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State, if that doesn’t say it all!!

So if they ‘go back to Africa’ what do they do? There is no family there, there is no connection, only through ancestors who led completely different existences in a completely different era.

I believe that the Europeans who were ‘invaders’ should also have a reality check and think about going back to where they come from.

That would silence the people who want rid of the ‘unwelcome’ ‘undesirable’ ‘inferior’ people. (Check out the map on the right which details not only North, but also South Americas invaders, and their origins).

Australia. Keep the light on. You are next!!!


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2 thoughts on “What did they expect?

  • June 13, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Your article is an excellent example of critical thinking at its best. Your approach to the issue, from so many angles is not only comprehensive but it adheres to the facts which you intertwine in a masterful fashion.. Your writing style is easy to comprehend and equally objective,

    Other than that I am so highly impressed with the analysis. You being English I was a little surprised that you didn’t mention that your country freed it’s slaves 30 years before we did and if I’m not mistaken made no exceptions in ending it completely as America did with our 13th Amendment, allowing slavery to continue even until today. I was also surprised that you would be so well informed about the struggle of African Americans, even more so than I would venture to say many if not most Americans, let alone, African Americans. Then again you’re from Europe and I’ve learned that Europeans I meet are often more well versed in American history than Americans.

    The manner in which you weave the historical perspective into contemporary experiences, such as the racist at the Donald Trump rally telling blacks to go back to Africa, is brilliant. I mean it makes so much sense that you would acknowledge that if anyone should go back anywhere it should be those racist white people who object to being in a multicultural society, especially since the ancestors of blacks have been coming here with Europeans since 1492 (the captain of the Columbus’ Santa Maria was a Moor, a black man) and coming here by ourselves about one to two thousand years before Columbus. Most white people in America are descendents of people who came much later.

    The conversation you have opened is one that not only blacks need to have with other blacks but blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos and all Americans should be having with one another. I include the other groups because I’ve heard many of them who now consider themselves honorary white people, expressing many of the views of racist whites.

    It’s a discussion that is not happening in our public schools, nor our institutions of higher learning, that is unless you are willing take and pay for an elective course on the subject. it’s a topic that has been sore point on this nation’s consciousness for hundreds of years.

    I admire the intellectual fortitude and capability that you exhibit in taking on such a controversial and complex topic. If more people could examine and discuss the facts as you have, I believe we could make some real progress.

  • June 13, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Very good insight into the minds of many ‘Europeans’ who are the visitors. Well done, I really liked your words.

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