Voting ballot box

Elections are the bedrock of democracy. This statement is supposed to give comfort to billions of people around the world, who believe in the system of government which has been in place for many hundreds of years. Yet, if you look at governments around the world, you will find that the systems which have been put in place to ‘elect’ the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chancellors of this world, are very flawed.

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Crazy little thing called religion!

Crazy little thing called religion!!!

I wrote a blog on religion a few years ago. In this blog I pointed out my personal views regarding this controversial and often thought provoking topic.

As a member of a religious family(mainly on the female side. When I was a kid, it was very noticeable that religion afflicted the female part of the Caribbean society far more than the male side) church was an integral part of my childhood.  Fast forward to this week. Among the plethora of coverage on the Corona virus, and the murder of yet another black man by Police in The USA, was a hidden article about India.

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Sharia football

David Luiz worshipAn intriguing title you might ask. And you would be right. What is the meaning behind it? All will become clear shortly.

There is an increasing connection between religion and football?

Well. In this world of mass sporting investment and expansion worldwide, certain things have crept in which are altering the face of certain sports.


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Religion or Ritual?

Re-enactment of the crucifixion

I have always been interested in religion. Not as a true believer, but more from a scholarly point. There are so many interpretations of religious beliefs that one would not be surprised to learn that there are many people who are confused by this.  Why are there so many different religions? and why do they all do different things?

Each religion focuses on their particular brand of belief. Christians, Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, etc…, all have a system which defines the way they worship, and the way they demonstrate their beliefs.

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Easy answer. It is god’s will

Religion, and the church in it’s various forms has been with us for the past few millennium.

Followers of the various religions, whether Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, etc…, are believers in the stories which were written down, and continue to be passed down through the generations.

Although the things claimed have never actually been witnessed, except at the time they happened (ie; miracles), the religions base their beliefs on these events, and the teachings of such events.

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The woes of an athiest

Born again atheist

Having been raised within a religious environment, my early life was intertwined with the church, and belief.

Church and Sunday School were an integral part of my childhood. The bible played a prominent role not only in the home, but also as a part of elementary, and junior school life.

A bit of background about my thoughts on religion. I have always, or at least as far as I can remember questioned things I see as false, or which lack rhyme or reason. Religion is one of those things.

I was automatically a believer when young, because it was instilled in me from my environment. However, as I approached my teenage years, I had questions burning inside which never seemed to be satisfied with the ‘explanations’ which were all around, and also provided to me.

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Reincarnation of Jesus or plain old perverts?

WorshipI am currently watching an episode of Crime Investigation on the TV.

The episode is about a church cult into which a woman was introduced, and slowly brainwashed. This was just one program in a series of programs which investigate various cults around the world. The same underlying theme always seems to be at the core of these programs.

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IS or ISIS?The rise of religious fanaticism. 

Religion has long been a word which stirs emotions, triggers debate, arouses passion, and also instills suspicion and fear. The worship of a higher being of which generally there is no concrete evidence, has shaped societies and cultures for thousands of years. One of the religions at the centre of the debate is Islam. This religion, looks to Allah as its supreme being, and has rules which must be followed.

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Assad’s dilema

The war in Syria has raged on for more than 6 years now with no clear end in sight.  The media coverage of the event (depending on the source of the information you read) has provided no real reasons for:  a) the cause of the war.  b) efforts to try to bring an end to the conflict.

From most western reporting sources, the reason behind the war has been the build up of forces opposed to Assad’s rule and the atrocities he has committed against his own people.

But upon further investigation, it appears, that there is a far more sinister agenda.

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