Circumvent the rules

I watched another of the thousands of You Tube Videos which show how police officers ‘circumvent’ the law to get a result.
What we have to understand before we delve into this, are the incentives/directives given to police officers in America( I do not know if this practice exists in The UK yet, but what the US does, we usually follow, like sheep) to raise their figures. The more arrests you make, or tickets you issue, counts towards your promotions, salary increases, etc… This is another reason why there are thousands of traffic laws. More laws = more dollars, because ‘you are going to get caught out by one, even of you have never heard of it before. Most drivers do not know most of the hundreds, if not thousands of driving laws.

This takes us back to the incentives. If nothing is found, the officers invariably write a ticket for “something” regardless of how trivial. This goes on their statistics, and helps with promotion etc…,

This practice needs to be stopped. Using people as revenue generators, and numbers to increase career prospects.

The video I watched which really made me understand this more was the following video:

The driver(black of course) was pulled over and decided to drive to a place where he felt safer. This apparently is within the law, as long as you do not increase your speed and try to evade. The driver followed the protocols, but the officer approached the car with gun drawn. After informing the driver to ‘keep your hands on the wheel etc…… the officer informed him that had was not wearing his belt, and immediately began to ask him why he was evading, after being told to stop several times. He gave his explanation, but was basically ignored. Then this immediately went on to a request to search his vehicle. “Why?” Very obvious why. The driver also, when asked for his information, said it was in his vehicle, but he would not allow them to retrieve it( officers are know to plant drugs/guns/stolen items in cars to increase their arrest/conviction rates- see the following video)
Officer convicted for planting drugs in many cars.

So the officer used the seat-belt violation as the basis to go further. He said the driver was not wearing his belt, although when the officer told the driver to exit the vehicle, the video clearly shows the driver having to unbuckle the belt to get out.

After the refusal by the driver to allow a search, the officer goes to circumnavigate trick 2, to ask for a drug dog. ( Circumvent 1 is to ask the driver “If you have nothing to hide, why can’t we search?).
The officer asks for a drug dog but is unable to get one to attend. He then asks for advice on what to do. Another thing they do, which I forgot to mention, is to repeatedly ask the driver if he/she has drugs or weapons in the vehicle. This is done to force them into either: anger, or making a mistake. This can be used to say the driver lied.

The officer is told to ask the driver if he can search the area under and around the seat, to check. The driver is unhand cuffed( I did not mention that he was handcuffed because this is normal practice for black men). After this, the driver is allowed to retrieve the documents himself. After a check, which showed no issues, the driver is allowed on his way, but remonstrates with the officer about how he received a ticket for the seat-belt, when he was clearly seen wearing the belt. The officer’s response. “That was before”, meaning he saw him not wearing his belt either at the begining, or while he was following him.

The Police, in my humble opinion, are: revenue collectors, agents for prisons (many prisons make deals with law enforcement to provide customers for a fee(see ‘kickback’)

This leads on to another part of the puzzle which makes the system seem to ‘fit’.

Mark Ciavarella
Supplying kids to prisons for a fee


This man ‘was’ a judge who was caught convicting kids to be sent to specific jails, in a deal with the prisons owners.  He is now sampling the delights of their ‘hospitality’ for himself.





Watch this video, which will show the criminal world behind the prison industry.

The prisons are populated by young men, usually black, but not all, in exchange for commission ( that is the only word which can really define it correctly).

The people in power wonder why the people are rising up. This is one of many reasons why.


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