Easy answer. It is god’s will

Religion, and the church in it’s various forms has been with us for the past few millennium.

Followers of the various religions, whether Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, etc…, are believers in the stories which were written down, and continue to be passed down through the generations.

Although the things claimed have never actually been witnessed, except at the time they happened (ie; miracles), the religions base their beliefs on these events, and the teachings of such events.

Sparing a thought for vague translations/interpretations of these words, one of the main presentations of these religions is the term ‘It’s Gods Will’

This term is used to justify ‘everything’ Literally everything.

The man knocked down and killed in a ‘car accident’
The child born with life threatening illnesses
The mother who does not have enough to feed her family(despite the church’s $m’s)
The TV Evangelist jetting around in his private jet
The worn torn areas which see countless thousands slaughtered daily
The people of colour degraded by ‘white Christians (colonialists)’ of bygone eras.

What a perfect justification because it counters all arguments, logical or otherwise. This ‘blanket statement’ means either ‘god decided it should happen, or surprise surprise, ‘god decided it should not happen’ No explanation necessary.

This blanket statement sustains the majority of our planet’s population who equate this to whichever ‘god’ they worship. They go to mass, are instructed to pray for god’s blessings and when they do not materialize they use the ‘well he has blessed me with good health, and a family, so I should be thankful’ (nice one God!) How exactly did he do this? is the question.

Moving on to another point. Is it god’s will that the environment is going down the pan? (based on scientific evidence), or is it that ‘he’ has decided to send us a message, a warning( after all he built heaven and earth in 6 days, (Don’t forget that one!!!) so he can just as easily destroy it over several hundred years.

Is it also god’s will that millions of people are killed each year from violence, drugs, starvation, slavery, corruption, or is the response that ‘he has no control over these things’ – (But he is god. So what control does he actually have?)

Is it his will that despite the vast wealth in the world, that half the population are hungry, and don’t even have clean water to drink? Or is there another ‘interpretation for this?’ (The other interpretation is often known as the ‘other god’ ie; money).

The good things in life, along with the bad are all put down to god’s will. Well which one is it? Miracles, misfortune, faith, just plan good or bad luck, manipulation, corruption, or any of the many actual alternatives?

Whichever one it is, take your pick, it is definitely NOT God’s will.


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