We know they did it!

We know they did it.North Tower of WTC1

Finally, after two decades of bulls**t it has finally been acknowledged that the 9/11 towers were all brought down by
explosives. What does this signify? I will tell you. It signifies one of the worst episodes in recent world history. Not only due to the actions of the people involved, but also the catastrophic knock-on effects, which are still being felt in several parts of the world.

From a personal viewpoint, as one who had visited the iconic Twin Towers, on my 1st visit to New York in 1986, and been to the viewing platform on the 104 floor (I think it is on that floor. My memory is not what it was). The sheer scale of the buildings in terms of architecture, height, the views of Manhattan, and more, all made a visit to the towers a must. On top of that, I was working for an American bank (Chase Manhattan Bank) in London at the time, so the financial function of the buildings was also something I could relate to.

Fast forward 15 years, and watching the events of that fateful day unfold, was very surreal. I was in England, working for a local telecoms company, and was called down to our coffee/rest area, to see the events. It was a day that changed the world forever.
In the aftermath, while the world was recovering, the questions about, who and why, were on everyone’s lips.This soon changed to suspicion, as more accounts from those involved became public. Two of the key words from witnesses, both members of the public, and the emergency services, were the words ‘explosions’ and ‘bombs’, both were indicators that people were hearing these sounds throughout the evacuations, and rescues. This has since been one of the key issues in the ongoing investigations, reporting, and public opinion.

The many programs, documentaries, both in support of, and against the proposed theories have been made. The conspiracy theorists, and their debunkers, have both had their says. I myself, have watched a host of investigation documentaries, in which engineers have proven the ‘controlled demolition’ conclusion, which of course were met with ‘this shows a lack of disrepect to the dead'(distraction) and ‘why would we attack our own people?’ (The Bilderberg, The lluminati, The Rothschilds, and many more).The knock-on effects I mentioned earlier were the deaths of 1million plus Iraqis, and several thousand US troops, the increasing reductions in freedom in the United States, of its citizens, the general instability of the Middle Eastern region. These things alone just scratch the surface.


(This is one of many reports, but is from the institute of Architects & Engineers, who have been investigating 9/11 since the day it happened)

The recommendations this week of an investigation into the cause of the collapse of all 3 towers due to explosives, has been put forward by the NY Fire service, and the District Attorney has agreed to look into it. It is significant in the fact that the D.A. does not move forward with significant evidence. There are links to all the articles, and links to the originals ( if they are taken off the web). Hundreds of witnesses, who have been intimidated, coerced, and threatened to keep to the government narrative, that it was an attack by a man with a few followers, living in a cave in the mountains of Pakistan( yeah right!) cannot be wrong. Generally, the majority who claim the same things have usually been proven right in the end.

Roof trusses fire protection
Could this time about to become reality? Besides the main towers, building 7 came down at 5pm, and clear unequivocal video of Police clearing the area and stating that it was about to come down. Preparing explosives take lots of time and careful planning, and besides if several tons of explosives, and the multitude of men required to transport and place them would have hardly been inconspicuous. Yes folks, I for one a glad to see that the worst terrorist group in history (The US Government) may undergo a public humiliation, which frankly is all that will happen. No one will get, to use one of their terms, ‘thrown under the bus’ for this, as it is a conspiracy involving hundreds, if not thousands of people, either in the government, or connected to it.

If history is to believed, many involved will have already disappeared ..never to be seen or give testimony again. Going back to the narrative of the ‘Illuminati’, Iraq, who did have a brutal leader, but one who had left well alone since the 1st Gulf war, was a ‘threat to world peace’, even though zero evidence emerged of his, or his country’s involvement. He just had to go, and the shameful acts of my country, (UK) of following their puppet masters into battle, was one of the darkest episode in our recent history.

It would be really good to see this taken all the way but my guess is that it will go so far, then, just like JFK, Pearl Harbour, and other incidents, it will be decided that there is not enough evidence to hold anyone accountable.

If anyone is a terrorist, it is the succession of people who run the country.


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