You finally did it America!!

What does the title refer to? The destruction of society? The admissions of 911?   The invasion of Iraq for nothing but oil?  Hell no!.


We are talking about the surpassing of all previous things with a high magnitude of stupidity. We are talking about handing the responsibility for one of the most powerful countries, both militarily and economically, to a reality TV star and a multiple bankrupt who masquerades as a successful businessman.

Yes, you have guessed it folks. He is now the leader of the “free world” (‘free world’ being a matter of opinion).

President Trump


When he declared his decision to run for the White House, there were collective ‘tears of laughter’ in many countries around the world, most of all from within his own country. The rhetoric which followed for the next year and more saw him slowly eliminate candidates of much more experience (any experience is more than zero) lifelong politicians, governors, congressmen and the like. Ridiculed at every stage by his own people. Sent up on TV by SNL (great sketches, great portrayal by Alec Baldwin), even ridiculed on TV by the current president Barack Obama, he maintained his promises to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, and get the Mexicans to pay for it. To deport the millions of illegal aliens residing in America, put a stop to Muslims entering the country, maintaining that Hillary was/is a war criminal who should be prosecuted, the list goes on.

I followed the election with a half-hearted interest to see how far Donald Trump would go, just to see with my own eyes the American system and how they have this unshakable belief that you can “be anything you want to be”. There are some things which I thought (naively maybe),  were sacrosanct. One of those things being that the President of the country would be nominated from seasoned, experienced politicians, who knew how things worked, and who would continue the ‘status quo’

But upon some reflection, in the lead up to the actually nominations for the final 2 candidates, I found myself wondering why this man was getting so much support and why the political community, which included the majority of media commentators and lobbyists, strategists, and the so on,  and why they were so vehemently opposed to him.  I turned my attention to Hillary, and as she has been in the political arena most of her adult life, the information about her political career is out there. She is not well liked among the electorate but she comes with the surname of Clinton which is enough to guarantee the attention of Washington and the rest of the country.  Being a supporter of Wall St, the corporations and the wealthy did not really put her in a position to speak for the poor, the downtrodden, the minorities, yet they threw their weight behind her even though she had the spectre of Benghazi hanging over her head throughout the campaign. Madam President

Her husband’s foundation embroiled in scandal, her astronomical cheques for speaking to Goldman Sachs and Co, her e-mail server, all were ignored as she surged towards the presidency (or so the majority of the country thought). The 1st female, she even made the cover of Newsweek Magazine as President before the count had even begun.

So I asked myself, “what do people want in America?” I believe that they want a change from the institutions and practices which have gone on unabated for over a century. A change to the Washington machine. Which, on reflection, is why Donald Trump became so successful in the candidacy, and ultimately in the election. He may not be part of ‘Washington’ but maybe it is time for a change, like it or hate it.


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