Coronavirus. Real or Fake?

The Coronavirus is here. With us every day. All around  us. Restricting our lives. Ruining livelihoods, destroying businesses. Uprooting the financial world, and much more.  But is it the deadliest plague of modern history, as is being claimed in many quarters?

As when most things begin and grow at such a pace, the discovery of the virus, apparently at a livestock market in the centre of Wuhan, in China, quickly developed into the media frenzy circumnavigating the globe. The internet, newspapers, TV, conversation are completely dominated by this new ‘mystery disease’

What started out as an outbreak of a disease which apparently stemmed from rare species of animals, sold for consumption for the Chinese, (who apparently eat anything, or so I am told). China was slammed worldwide for its initial response which was to do the usual ‘cover up’, until it became too hot to handle and they had to release the new to the outside world.

This article which I came across the other day, points towards some issues which we should think about, or at least ask the question ‘why?’

Also, before the ‘naysayers’ get onboard and start preaching that I am just scaremongering, I am looking at news articles, documents and other information. I myself are not saying that they are true, but they should not be dismissed out of hand just because someone shouts ‘fake news’. This phrase is being used to describe almost everything we see these days, but not everything is false news, and this narrative is also used to cover the truth.

This could be a part of China move to overtake the USA as the world leader and the holder of the purse strings. It began a long time ago, with the pumping of money into African countries, knowing full well that these already debt-ridden countries would never be able to pay them back, and then China could then manipulate their resources (which is the main reason). Take the case of Sri Lanka. China now has control of the part of the main port in Colombo (the capital) after the Sri Lankan government could not afford to repay a loan to China, and in return China took over part of the operations of the port. The advantages for Chinese business in the rest of Asia are obvious.

Another thing which for me, cements the issue is the rise of the Confucius Institute around the world. This was originally touted as a ‘language Institute’ for foreigners to learn Chinese, to both understand the culture and to increase business. The real truth is that they have targeted universities and colleges, who usually welcome funding, and set up these institutes in many countries around the world, including in both The UK, and The USA. They have flown under the radar for so long, but now people are starting to question their motives.

The word ‘Soft Power’ has been bandied around. Soft Power actually means the opposite of ‘force’ (war/fighting). why start a war when you can just take over through the heart of the country, which in most cases are university campuses.

confucius logo


Click on the icon to read more about this fast increasing institute, and the fact they there are there to promote ‘Chinese values’ in western societies.

These are solely my views, but after reading and following up a lot of this information, I am questioning it. Whether you do is up to you.


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