Modern day Klan?

Where else , but in America of course!!   The latest ‘execution’ of a probably innocent man. I say probably, because all of the facts are not in yet.

The background to this story is as follows:  A man jogging in a neighbourhood near his home is followed by 2 men in a truck. They believe he has been involved in robberies in the same neighbourhood.

When they approach him, an altercation takes place and the ‘jogger’ ends up on the ground ‘dead’.

Now, if we break this down more closely, we see that the man was in jogging gear, goes jogging regularly in the area, as he lives there, and also has no reason to stop if 2 complete strangers approach, especially in trucks, and ask to speak to him. They were also armed, so most people’s first instinct is fear. “Why do these people want to talk to me, and why are they carrying weapons? (a shotgun? why? are handguns not enough?)

What further unfolds is that because the man did not ‘yield’ to them (see- ‘bow down’) then the suspicion of him increases several notches.


Jogger = young black male

Assailants: Father and son; white, and father a former (retired) local Police Officer.

This of course changes the narrative to modern day America, where we see these types of incidents on a daily basis.

Video report of the incident.

What I still fail to see for the life of me is the ‘complete lack of common sense’ in many of these cases.

  1. There were apparently several reports of burglaries in the neighbourhood.
  2. Descriptions not given of burglars for each crime.
  3. On this day, a black man outside a building under construction, and also running was reported.
  4. These two statements together can be a death sentence on their own.

Putting aside all the other points for now,  why would a ‘burglar’ go to a house under construction, which probably has nothing in it, and certainly nothing of any value, in the middle of the day, in broad daylight, not trying to hide or disguise his identity?

From my limited knowledge of burglary, ‘don’t people usually do this at night and hide their faces? Do they check out the place of interest first, before performing said crime? After performing said crime, would they jog down the middle of the same street in broad daylight, in full view of everyone? (with nothing visible in their possession). Lastly, how many burglars steal from their own neighbourhoods? (If I decided to become a burglar, the last place I would steal from is the area where I live. Maybe some people would, but not me.

Now, I know that many people will answer these questions with a ‘Black people aren’t too smart’ answer, but there are also millions of Caucasians who fit this description also. We don’t know the full background of the ‘late’ jogger but the TV portrays him as a normal/average guy, and no criminal past, as far a we know.

Now let’s move on to the ‘assailants’ (we will call them this for now). They see a man jogging, and not only a man, but a ‘black man’ jogging (Yuh know Buford, he up to no good!!!!), and they decide to follow him and to ‘speak’ to him. The people in question here are father and son. Father is a local retired police officer, so he is no longer a Policeman. They decide this man needs following and questioning. The father still ‘thinks’ he is a policeman, because everyone still treats him as such (respect/20 years service/keeping us safe…..all the usual statements thrown out because people can’t think for themselves anymore).

They decide that they can perform a citizens arrest, which is perfectly legal, but is often misused.  Now, the jogger does not have to ‘yield’ to these men, even if they identify themselves as ex-law enforcement or not, and my guess is that he tries to go on his way.

Police mentality we see everyday all over the world is the ‘I am superior to you, and ‘I am in charge, so you must do exactly what I tell you to do’) but added to this is the ex-officer who cannot stop ‘being an officer’

The two assailants were first told all was ok, and they they did nothing wrong. They were simply protecting their neighbourhood. So my questions are, ‘why did they not call the police and follow this man until they (Police) arrived and let them deal with it?  Also, what ‘evidence’ did they have? A black man jogging? Is this now been put onto the statue as a crime? (I must have missed that one).

The fact that they ‘armed themselves’ and chased this man leads me back to my suspicions. Looking at the pictures of the 2 men (now call me racist if you want) leads me to believe that they would not be out of place at a ‘Klan meeting’ As we know, a large percentage of modern day Police members in America secretly identify to these types of organisations. Well, for them, unfortunately, the days where you could string up a dark skinned man or woman and torture and kill them, are long gone, but there are still some who still believe that it is their ‘god given’ right as ‘White Christians’ to be able to keep those inferior in their places, buy legal or non-legal methods.

To add fuel to this theory, the 2 men in question were left untouched by the ‘local’ district attorney’ (notice the word ‘local’ has a huge bearing on this).  It was not until there was an outcry, as is usually needed to bring this to the attention of the mainstream. This included a call for justice from former Vice-President and current Presidential front-runner Joe Biden, who served under Barrack Obama. Once there, it is basically impossible to ‘sweep it under the carpet’ in good old ‘Klan style’, and the 2 men are now facing possible charges of murder.

This case has the pungent aroma of Klansmanship (if there is such a word!! I made it up!).

In conclusion, there will be divided opinion in the ‘he was robbing the house so he got what he deserved’ to ‘another innocent black man killed for ‘looking like the suspect’.  The final thought being, “even if he did rob the property, since when is execution the punishment for simple breaking and entering?”





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