Why oh why does America not wake up?

Why oh why does America not wake up?

The reason I ask this question is that the rhetoric which is ‘regurgitated’ over and over again, almost like it is on cue.

Statements do not convince people any more. They have not done so for a long time. 

I was just watching a news conference with the mayor of Atlanta (Keisha Lance Bottoms – strange name!!!) who was uttering the ‘so often repeated’ words.

“We are better than this” Well my answer to that is ‘you are not better than this’ or these things would not be happening on a daily basis.

This press conference was convened as a result of the nationwide response to the killing of another black man, who possibly did the brutal crime of trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill (not proven yet), and the ‘heavy-handed’ Police response to a ‘petty’ crime. 

Watch the video:

If she actually said something which she believed in and not the typical ‘sound bite’ announcement that 99% of public officials utter, when in the same situation, then she may get a better response.

The ‘need to be seen doing something’ is often the driving motive behind the so called ‘anger’ when people demonstrate over what officialdom does so often with almost impunity.

Her alternative of ‘go and vote’ was also another of the “I am struggling for ideas” lines. Vote for what? Whichever person/party replaces you will just do the exactly the same thing. This is how the system is rigged (I mean set up).

I have always had the belief that the USA is a very ’emotional’ country. Everything is based on tearing at the heart strings and not on facts, and real everyday life. From TV presenters, both in studios and on the streets, the focus has always been on ‘entertainment’ ‘ratings’ ‘revenue’ (which comes from viewing figures). Everything else is surplus to requirements.

In defence of the situation (not the Mayor), the looting and destroying of businesses cannot be condoned, as this is opportunism theft, nothing more. There are many who take advantage of these situations for personal gain (this has been happening as long as I can remember), and this will continue. Does the Mayor think that appealing to people to “Go home” in an emotional manner with the almost ‘obligatory tears’ (fake of course) will really make people obey her?

These people will continue in their positions with the privileges which go with them, and the lives of the people at the other end of the spectrum will also go on in the same manner.

A false country; is my assessment of America. I have visited the country and been to several cities, and I have met some amazing people. But these are not the people portrayed in the media and the view most people have of this country.

I am surprised that these ‘people of position’ make these ‘bogus/ridiculous/unrealistic’ statements and expect people to follow them.

America is ‘not better’ than this, and it is about time people woke up to this fact.


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