The gossiping candidate.

TrumpAnother look at the American election ‘circus’ Where we have 2 candidates who are polarizing the country for completely different reasons. Before I continue, I would like to stress that I am not a fan of either of these people. I am just providing my perspective.

While we have Hilary Clinton, under fire for her Benghazi role, her e-mails, and her foundation.We have Donald Trump under the microscope for his bigotry, his comments about everything, his tax returns, etc…, We now look at their on screen/in public personas. Both are brash, in you face, bullies. Both are confident in their abilities in politics and real estate respectively.

But this is where the two go their separate ways. Hillary, is an experienced politician and fundraiser, who has spent a lifetime in politics, and is a former 1st lady among the many facets of her life.Donald trump on the other hand, has no political experience, has never held even the lowest form of office. His career is based on construction and investment. Although he has made a fortune, he has his detractors due to the 4 bankruptcies. Their public behaviour as presidential candidates could not be further apart. Hilary, is controlled and measured in the things she says, the public statements she makes, her demeanor under scrutiny. All this comes from years in public office. A seasoned performer, who, for all intents and purposes, acts presidential. This is what should be expected from a potential leader of a nation.

Trump, on the other hand, behaves like a person with multiple personalities.Here is a breakdown of some of Trump & Hilarythem: Misogynist – he has called women some awful things during his campaign, which is probably not when this behaviour began.Racist – White supremacist supporter, Islamophobic, Anti Hispanic, among others. A 2nd hand car dealer – lies to your face with a complete look of innocence, and a belief that he is being truthful.Tyrannical does not want to be in a position of subservience to anyone.Control freak self explanatory.A purveyor of gossip – he delivers information, not on the basis of it being fact, but on the basis of it being gossip. It is like he is talking to his friends in a bar. If you watch him on stage, he reminds me of a stand up comedian, waiting for the laughs or cheers from the crowds when he delivers a line.

Hillary is continuing the policies of her party, which seems sensible, whereas Trump has gone against everything his party stands for. There have been, and there will in the future, people who are unsuitable for public office, but the voters (apparently) decide who runs their country. So whoever wins come November, and the smart money is on Hillary, will have a massive rebuilding job on their hands, due to the skepticism of the general
public in the USA.

RallyA quote I saw the other day summed it up well.“It is like voting for which cancer you want to kill you”


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